Kujacka is the floor 58th Boss. Awaiting the players in his chamber, he sleep and will wake even to the smallest sound of the doors opening. The environment in the boos room was forest like.

Kujacka the Bull
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Boss Info
Name Kujacka the Bull
Epithet None
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location Floor 58
Quest None
Weapon Sharp Slitting Axe
Weakness His Knees
Item Drop Glass Armor
Status Defeated


A Monstrous giant Bull, clothed in armor with sikes coming out of it. The bull hold s a giant splitting axe, and his red eyes are said to pierce players to their very soul. He has long and piercing Horns, said to be ale to pierce even small shields.


Boss of the 58th floor


Sword Art Online


  • High Defence
  • Ability to run and ram even through shields
  • Giant Axe attacks
  • When at 1/4 of his hp, Kujacka becoes berserk and his strength while becoming blind

Items Drop

  • Glass Armor

Known Challengers





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