Koshiro Futara
Personal Info
Name Koshiro Futara
Birthday April 14 2006
Age 20
Gender Male
Height 182cm (6')
Eyes Brown
Hair Light Brown
Place of Residence Hokkaido, Japan
Occupation GGO Player

College Student

Family Unnamed Parents

Shiori (Younger Sister)

Player Profile
Display Name David
VRMMORPGs Played Gun Gale Online
Occupation Diamond Dogs
Affiliation Diamond Dogs (GGO)

Kitamikado College (RL)

Status Alive
Primary Skill Stealth
Unique Skill Recon Drone
Unique Weapon G36C Assault Rifle

Benelli M3 Shotgun Desert Eagle Combat Knife


Koshiro Futara is a player Gun Gale Online and is a member of a large GGO Clan known as the 'Diamond Dogs'. He is the older brother of Shiori Futara who also plays GGO and is mentored by Koshiro, they live in Hokkaido, Japan. He is a 20 year old college student, he childhood friends with Jirou Midori also known as 'JJ'.


Outside GGO, Koshiro has the appearance of your average male. He has light brown hair and brownish or goldish eyes. In GGO, Koshiro has pale skin, short red hair, and pale sharp eyes that appear as either mercury or goldish in color. In real life, anything he finds "cool-looking". In GGO his attire consists of the standard attire of the 'Diamond Dogs' which consists of trench cloaks, metal helmets and masks and armor plates made up of layered synthetic fiber.


(GGO) Koshiro

Ghost-recon-breakpoint-reveal (3)

(GGO) Koshiro (Far Right) in his attire.


(IRL) Koshiro


In game, Koshiro is ruthless and slick, he can be rather sadistic and moments often toying with his enemies. But outside the game, Koshiro is actually quite introverted and quiet but once you get to know him he pretty funny, some even refer to him as a "Male Kuudere". He is also quite being 182cm (6').

His in-game tactics are pretty professional as he favours stealth, he also acquired hands on robotic drones, some for combat and some for simple recon.

When it comes to his younger sister, Shiori, he is quite protective of her, both in and out of the game.

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