Kingdom 2: Evolution is a VRMMORPG and is the sequel to Kingdom. The game, unlike its predecessor, features human-beast hybrids, rather than beast-beast hybrids.

Gameplay Basis

The game overall is much different to its predecessing game, Kingdom. Instead of beast-only avatars, players have human-beast hybrid avatars. Players may use up to two different beasts on their human avatar. The characteristics of the beasts are implemented on your avatar.

Virtual Reality Experience

Like most VRMMOs, you are able to use all five of your senses within the game, plus more, depending on your human-beast hybrid. Fatigue, such as hunger and exhaustion, are factors within the game as well.

Before in Kingdom, magic made an appearance, but was not used much. In Evolution, however, magic items and spells are encouraged. Players are now able to craft items as well as put them up for auction. 


Most of the world within Evolution is wilderness with the exception of safe zones, which are normally small, tribal-like villages.



Evolution brings in four classes that a player must choose upon start-up. Based on your class, you may only be able to equip certain equipment.

  • Guardian - Able to equip shields, heavy metal armor, and large weapons
  • Assassin - Able to equip special utility, light metal armor, and small weapons
  • Warlock - Able to equip spell books, leather armor, and high-damage magic weapons
  • Healer - Able to equip support utility, cloth armor, and healing factor weapons


The statistics system is carried over from Kingdom, onto Evolution. In order to be able to equip certain items, you must a specific level and statistics.

  • STAM (Stamina) - determines how long the player can run
  • STR (Strength) - determines what type of armor weight the player can wear and the tackle force
  • VIT (Vitality) - determines amount of health the player has
  • AGI (Agiliy) - determines how fast a player can run
  • LEG-STR (Leg-Strength) - determines how high a player can jump


The currency in Evolution are dubbed simply "gold", and may be obtained by killing monsters, bosses, and auctioning.


Instead of Guilds, players join Packs.

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