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Kingdom is a VRMMORPG created after the world-wide release of the «World Seed». The gameplay avatars involves hybrid animals and mythological creatures, rather than human.

Gameplay Basis

Rather than having humanoid avatars, this game utilizes fictional animals and monsters. 

Once the game starts up, the player is required to choose any mix of animals he/she chooses with three animals as the maximum. Players may also choose one mythological creature and one animal.

The only animal you may not choose are lions.(scroll down to see why)

Virtual Reality Experience

By stimulating nerves in the game, it is possible for the player to taste, feel everything they touch, walk on more than two legs, and live in naturally formed habitats. 

This game does not show blood, as it is a game for most ages. There are some magic, depending on your mix of animals. 

Depending on your animal mix, they are able to use their characteristics. Porcupines, for example can use their quills as a form of attack or defense. 

In game, you do have fatigue, such as hunger and exhaustion.


The world does not have buildings, but dens or trees to log out. Kingdom generates every type of environment possible.



There are 5 stats that the player can spend skill points on to increase.

  • STAM (Stamina) - determines how long the player can run
  • STR (Strength) - determines what type of armor weight the player can wear and the tackle force
  • VIT (Vitality) - determines amount of health the player has
  • AGI (Agiliy) - determines how fast a player can run
  • LEG-STR (Leg-Strength) - determines how high a player can junp


There are a total of five Kingdoms which players can visit. In these Kingdoms, players are able to earn buffs or debuffs based on their hybrid. Wargames between Kingdoms can be formed if provoked.

  • Bestiae Silvae - Hybrids who gain buffs in any forest biome.
  • Oceanus Bestiae - Hybrids who gain buffs in ponds, lakes, rivers, or the sea.
  • Nubes quoque Bestiarum - Hybrids who gain buffs from being airborn.
  • Bestiarum Infernum - Hybrids who gain buffs from being in non-lit areas, or at night.
  • Caelum Bestiarum - Hybrids who are considered "divine" and gain buffs from daylight.


There is not any currency and players must rely on Player Killing to "skin" players. You can skin them for claws, wings, fangs, etc.

You may either equip them or trade it for other items.


There are no buildings, but rather Reserves. They are known to be safe zones for trading, logging out, etc.


Instead of Guilds, players use Animal Packs(or Packs, for short)


Players who can kill 250 different players in one life gain access to have a lion as a part of their animal hybrid and are officially named "Kings".

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