I'm not here to help you, Floyd, I'm here to own you for everything that you to me it a lot to me.
~ Ken Yoshzimaru helping Floyd Larr
Ken Yoshzimaru


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Berserker Armor

Personal Info
Real Name Ken Yoshzimaru
Kanji 吉丸健
Romaji Yoshimaru Ken
Birthday Sep 28
Age 15(Joining SAO)


Gender Male
Height 169 cm
Weight 71.2 kg
Occupation Student
Family Unnamed Mother(Deceased)
Player Profile
Display Name White Snake
White Shadow
Kanji (Display) しろへび
Romaji (Display) Shiro hebi
Shiroi kage
Epithet Killer Mamba("キラーマンバ, Kirāmanba")
Cobra Assassin(コブラアサシン, Koburaasashin)
VR Played Sword Art Online
New ALfieim Online
Gun Gale Online
ALO Race Spriggan
Occupation {{{2}}}
The Snake Killer
Status Alive
Voice Actor Ryota Takeuchi(Japanese)
Clifford Chapin(English)

Ken Yoshzimaru (吉丸健)is an Antagonist player from Sword Art Online but he's now a Protagonist from Sword Art Online for teaming up with Floyd in the ALO and GGO including in SAO while fighting Death Gun and Oberon and also he was an idiot to think that he's better than anyone in SAO.


In Real Life, Ken Yoshzimaru was an idiot to think that he's the best of all players and is the best against Floyd. He was a nice guy to Floyd of thinking too much of thinking to become a hero and he knows what Floyd said to him makes him change.

In SAO, Ken is still an idiot to think that he's a best of all but he knows that he's was trying to get their attention but he notices that everybody calls him an idiot loser and he grow over his hatred and starting to attack the other players and start fighting against Floyd again. After that in ALO, he turns out to become a good guy to own Floyd his life for about friendship is stronger than strength.


In Real Life, Ken has light-skin, white hair, wears like a Ghoul suited coat and shirt, has a light brown eye, and he's a total idiot with an idiotic mood.

In SAO, Ken was wearing a white ninja suit, has a belt to keep the weapon in the slot, has white fingerless gloves, a cloth white ninja mask with the holes of rectangles, white ninja pants, white ninja shoes, two katana holder on his back and

In ALO, Ken skin is dark bluish-purple to go through the shadows of darkness, two katana were placed on his hip and back, has pointed elf ears, wears a ninja suit to hide in the shadows to steal treasures and make illusions, has the white eye and bluish purple hair.

In GGO, Ken wears a black and white assassin suit with the X symbol belt, wear a ninja assassin mask, and wears the white sleeveless cloak coat to hide his identity from the other players.

In OS, Ken wears a Demonic armor suit, wear a black cape, Demonic scale armor, two pointed horn Demonic Mask, Yellow Markings on Ken Mask to represent his eye on his mask, Demonic Armor claws, and His Body is covered in Demonic Armor.



Sword Art Online

  • Level:100
  • Health:50000

Main Equipment:

  • Demon Snake Katana
  • Storm Eagle Katana


SAO Skills Slot
One-Handed Sword Dual Blades Martial Arts Blade Throwing Parry
965.5 / 1000
550 / 1000
992.3 / 1000
Battling Healing Searching Hiding Sprint Extended Weight Limit
922.3 / 1000
400 / 1000
890 / 1000
977 / 1000
470 / 1000
First Aid Fishing
0 / 1000
0 / 1000
Demon Snake: