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Kazumi Gentoku
Personal Info
Name Kazumi Gentoku
Kanji 幻徳 一海
Romanji Gentoku Kazumi
Birthday February 14
Age 19 (EBO: Resume)
21 (HRB: Revenge)
Gender Female
Height 5'10"
Weight 175 Lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Occupation Professional Programmer
Biological Engineer intern
Marital Status Single
Player Profile
Display Name Hazard
Kanji 危険
Romanji Kiken
Epithet Dangerous Sin
VRMMORPGs Played Gun Gale Online, Hazard ReBurst
Occupation Game-Breaker, Mercenary
Partner Soichi Kuroto
First Appearance Hazard ReBurst: Revenge

"Dangerous" is in my nature.
~ Kazumi's in-game catchphrase.

Kazumi Gentoku is a close friend of Nanaha Kujo and an acquaintance of the Kuroto brothers, all of whom form the [REDACTED] group to recreate the events of SAO inside a new game. When Nanaha and the younger Kuroto were defeated in EBO, she and the older Kuroto dove into its sequel, Hazard ReBurst, and to get revenge for their allies.


Real Life/Gun Gale Online Avatar

In reality, Kazumi has flowing, black hair which she keeps tied up in a ponytail. For casual wear, she wears a black and gold parka jacket, a dark gold blouse, black skinny jeans, and black and gold sneakers.

Like her allies, Kazumi joined GGO so that she could adapt to the virtual reality environment as well as train with firearms. Her avatar wears a similar outfit to her IRL appearance: a black and gold combat jacket over a black combat suit, with dark gold armor on her arms, shins, and chest; dark grey combat boots with the same gold armor; and a dark grey helmet with a stylized monocle over her right eye to act as an aiming implement with a red glow.

Hazard ReBurst

In Hazard ReBurst, Kazumi uses data from Nanaha's EBO avatar as well as fragments of Hunter's EBO data that was recovered from the remnants of Satoshi's EBO data. As a result, her avatar shares minor similarities in terms of appearances. Now, she wears a dark gold shirt, combat pants with dark-gold digital camo patterns, and black fingerless gloves on both hands. Over her shirt, she wears a grey zip hoodie and a black leather jacket with dark gold sleeves and details that extends into a three-tailed coat, in addition to armored greaves and an armored vest.

Kazumi's initial armored form is a black under-suit covered by dark gold armor on her upper and forearms, shins, thighs, and chest. Her helmet is black with a dark-gold overlay on the mouthpiece and blank, aggressively-styled eye designs. She wears a yellow belt with an interchangeable belt buckle. Using the fragments of Hunter's EBO data, Kazumi gained the ability to swap freely between a different set of armors using belt buckles, all of which provide color-coded armor overlays. When using a Sin Armor, her body takes a more animalistic posture and design depending on which Sin Armor she's making a use of. Each buckle is its own Resonance Catalyst, which allows her to transform between armors based off of the council of sin, and are color-coded as follows:

  • Pride - Violet, lion-themed mask and lion mane-style chest armor overlay with dark yellow lighting in the eyes. Additional fur lining on her collar similar to a lion's mane appears, and she assumes a hunched-over, lion-like posture.
  • Greed - Yellow, fox-themed mask and a nine-tailed coat design on her torso with amethyst lighting in the eyes. She assumes a fox-like stance, and her nine-tailed coat will be constantly floating even if there's no wind.
  • Lust - Blue, Japanese Serow-shaped mask and fur-lined jacket design on the torso with orange-red lighting in the eyes. Legs gain additional thrusters and her mask has horns akin to the Serow it's based on.
  • Wrath - Red, dragon-shaped mask and a dragon's head design on the chest armor. Jade green lighting in the eyes. Gains dragon talons on her hands and dragon scales all over the armor.
  • Envy - Green, serpentine mask and snake-like muffler scarf wrapped around her neck, and snake design on chest. Vermilion lighting in the eyes. Snake talons on the wrists can be used to inject poison.
  • Gluttony - Orange, boar-styled mask and spiked chest armor resembling boar tusks. Cyan lighting in the eyes. Extra armor and tusk-like spikes on her gauntlets.
  • Sloth - Cyan, bear-styled mask and bear paw-like armor overlay. Orange lighting in the eyes. She gains a bearskin pattern on her armor as well.

Kazumi's first upgraded form changes her armor from dark gold and black to completely black. When Kazumi gains the [REDACTED], she fires it into the spot above her heart to trigger the modifications to the armor; like all other users, the armor shatters and molecularly restructures itself. The dark gold armor that previously comprised her armor is now black, spiky, and sleek, covering the same areas with more surface area to the plating and spikes protruding from the armor. Her shoulder armor takes on an angular, spiked look, with her knee armor also gaining a similar design. Her helmet and mask remains the same as her initial armored form: black with a dark-gold overlay on the mouth piece and blank, aggressive eyes. When swapping between the seven Sin bottles, the mask design over the helmet remains the same, as does the color in the eyes, though she lacks an additional details that her default armor would provide when swapping between different bottles.



Kazumi grew up very interested in biology and how things worked in nature. She took an interest in computers and coding at a young age, which combined with her love for biology and created a very unique individual. While she attended school, she tended to read biology and programming books alone in the library. She volunteered at the hospitals whenever she had the chance, hoping to become a doctor or a biological engineer. It was in the hospital that she met Nanaha and the Kuroto brothers. After exchanging information, the four of them decided to create a hacker group for Satoshi's goal of recreating SAO's death-game scenario for his own enjoyment.

Gun Gale Online

Kazumi joined the rest of her allies in Gun Gale for training purposes. She had to adapt to her VR avatar, as well as create a fighting style for herself in VR games, should Satoshi's plan fail. Not much effort was put into this avatar, as it was just for training and adaption purposes.

Hazard ReBurst

Hearing that her allies had been defeated in EBO, Kazumi and Soichi grieved for them before setting up a plan for revenge. They obtained the data of their allies and repurposed it for Nexus Theory's next game. In this data compilation, they discovered that some fragments of data from the player who ended the death game was embedded in the data they obtained. Soichi, who decided not to use this data, told Kazumi to take the data for herself, as this code contained a variety of unique traits that they wanted to capitalize on.


Kazumi, while aloof, is a fanatic for computer coding and biology. When someone brings up something she knows, she has the tendency to start spouting facts to inform anyone nearby. Sometimes, she continually blabbers on without end, but she's often cut short by someone, usually by Soichi or an enemy. Despite this, she's generally kind and compassionate, willing to help most people out and able to connect with people on a deep, emotional level. After spending time with Soichi, she learned how to manipulate people with her empathy to get favors out of other people. While she does end up feeling guilty afterwards, Soichi just tells her she's manipulating people for him, thus placing the guilt and blame on him. She very easily believes in this lie, and accept it as the motive for manipulating people.

When she's not ranting about her interests, she's a very relaxed, aloof girl who likes to keep to herself. Talking to her results in a pleasant conversation with a mild-mannered girl with a scientifically-forward mindset and a mad scientist-like train of thought. While willing to sacrifice things for the sake of science, she has morality to restrain her from full-on mad scientist mentality, thus keeping her from going into insane experimentation.


Gun Gale Online

Main Equipment

  • A pair of H&K USP pistols with extended magazines and suppressors.
  • H&K UMP with suppressor, 40-round mag, and modified stock.
  • Grapnel Gun, custom-made
  • Combat knives

Hazard ReBurst

  • Occupation - Game-Breaker/Mercenary - Lieutenant of Exiled/Patron of the Sins
  • Main Equipment
    • TBA


  • Kazumi is the final member of the hacker group started by the Kuroto brothers.
  • Her birthday is supposed to on Valentine's day.