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Personal Info
Real Name Kawada Akane
Kanji あかねかわだ
Romaji Akane Kawada
Birthday December 27, 2008
Age 14 (Beginning of Aincrad arc)
16 (End of Aincrad Arc, Fairy Dance arc)
17 (Phantom Bullet arc, Alicization arc)
Gender Female
Height 154cm
Weight 48kg
Occupation Student
Family TBA
Player Profile
Display Name Kawane
Kanji (Display) かわね
Romaji (Display) Kawane
Epithet The Eyes of Evil
VR Played ALfheim Online
ALO Race Imp
Occupation Clearer
Affiliation Red Eye
Base of Operations <<Red Eye Mansion>>, outside Yggdrasil
Status Alive
Voice Actor TBA
Appears In Sword Art Online series

Kawada Akane is a player of <<ALfheim Online>> and is part of the guild <<Red Eye>>. She is known throughout the game as ’The Eyes of Evil’ due to her strange villainous appearance.


Kawane has a strange-looking avatar. Although it is randomly generated by the ALO System, her avatar gives her a villainous appearance due to her two-toned red and blue eyes and pale skin. She has purple hair and pointy ears. She wears a purple tunic under a steel breastplate and a windswept skirt of the same color underneath her armor. She wears a black hooded cape over her armor and black gloves on her hands. She wears a pair of steel-toed black boots on her feet. Her fingernails are also black as Kawane is obsessed with applying nail polish onto them.


Kawane has a bubbly and cheerful personality. Due to her great admiration for <<Yuuki>>, she dresses like her and tries her best to imitate her cheerful personality. Kawane also believes that even though things aren’t real, they can still make one happy, which she relates to playing VRMMO games.


Kawane was bullied in the real world and plays <<ALfheim Online>> to deal with her depression. She now believes that <<ALfheim Online>> is the solution to her depression and that she cannot live without it.


ALfheim Online

Kawane is a great admirer of Yuuki and does all she can to imitate her. Although the two aren’t close, Kawane feels that she can trust Yuuki as much as she can trust her family, but is a bit jealous at <<Asuna’s>> good relationship with Yuuki.



None of Kawane’s ALO abilities are known yet.

Notable Achievements

  • Ambassador of Red Eye



  • Kawane is only an extra character in the series and not of big significance to the story.
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