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Kasumi Takigawa
Personal Info
Name Kasumi Takigawa
Kanji 滝川 香澄
Romanji Takigawa Kasumi
Birthday September 3
Age 17
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Weight 165 Lbs
Eyes Dark brown
Hair Golden Brown
Place of Residence Saitama, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Player Profile
Display Name Pandora
Kanji パンドラ
Romanji Pandora
Epithet Disguised Disaster
VRMMORPGs Played End War Online
Occupation [REDACTED]
Affiliation [REDACTED]
Partner Ryuga Gentoku
Himuro Katsuragi
Washio Katsuragi
Base of Operations Unknown
Unique Weapon Dual Stalk sets
Disaster Pithos
Dual Piercer
Voice Actor Maho Nonami
First Appearance End War Online: United Souls

I'm a disaster just waiting to happen.
~ Kasumi Takigawa

Kasumi Takigawa is a Demon Hybrid player operating under Ryuga Gentoku's command in End War Online. She is one of his lieutenants and most trusted allies.


Similar to her commander, Kasumi wears a primarily black outfit, with the addition of blood red. She wears black leggings with armor over her thighs and shins, armored grey boots, and a black and red checkered corset. Over this corset, she wears the same magnetic plate and the same coat as Ryuga, though it lacks the red and green wires and high collar. Instead of the collar, the coat has a blood-red hood and blue and white wire designs, in addition to a metallic shoulder pauldron that holds a small shoulder cape draped over her right shoulder; she also has a dark silver gauntlet on this arm with blood red lighting on it resembling blood vessels. Her left shoulder has a bulkier shoulder plate and additional a slightly bulkier gauntlet with a wrist-mounted computer. She wears a blood red helmet with a cyan visor and an aiming implement on the right eye. She stores her Disaster Pithos rifle on her back via the magnetic plate, and keeps her two customized Stalk sets on her thighs.

After some time, Kasumi changes her outfit. She now wears a blood red dress-shirt, her previous black-and-red checkered corset, a black mid-thigh skirt, and a black blazer with custom lapels so that she can pin the symbol of Ryuga's organization on said lapels. She also wears black stockings, high heels, and a thigh holster for both her Stalk sets, one on each side.

Her armored form covers her in a black, slim-fit armor. Dark Purple armor plating is attached to the armor and features slight circuitry-like pattern that glows yellow throughout it. Her mask is a three-eyed skull that glows red slightly, and a fanged mouth on said skull. The shoulder cape with her shoulder pauldron is retained in this form, colored blood red with dark silver armor. Vein-like cracks run from her chest where she links her active [REDACTED] so she can keep her hands free.

In real life, she wears black leggings, dark red high-top sneakers, a cyan tank top over a dark red t-shirt, and a leather half-jacket on off days. Her school uniform consists of a white button-up t-shirt, a cyan bow-tie, a black and red plaid skirt, black stockings, black dress shoes, and the optional black blazer.


Kasumi grew up in the city and lived a fairly normal life. She grew up without causing any problems, despite being a gamer at heart. Her introduction to End War Online was from a friend who just so happened to be incredibly smart and had to be at his mother's work for most of his life. She was assigned a Demon Hybrid avatar when she first logged in. With help from her friend Ryuga, she quickly understood the basics of the game and worked closely with Ryuga from here on. Though, they needed one more member, so Kasumi invited her other friend from school to work with them. At this point, Ryuga had just created his organization and appointed both Kasumi and her friend his lieutenants. And so, the three of them began the experimentation to further their goals.


Kasumi is a mild-mannered, yet distant girl. She's a calm, sensible person who takes everything into account before acting. Because she's an aloof person, she has a difficult time forming meaningful relationships, save for the ones she made when she was much younger and more open to friends. Her sense of loyalty is incredibly strong, to the point where she cannot betray any of her friends, especially Ryuga and her friend. However, her loyalty is almost blind; she'll follow Ryuga's orders no matter what, either out of respect for her friend or fear that he may hurt her. She's very mature and tactical in combat, thinking ahead and formulating strategies while in the heat of combat. Her incredible tactical mind is on par with Ryuga's incredible knowledge. Ryuga often relies on Kasumi for additional back-up strategies should any of his plans and/or contingencies fail.


End War Online

  • Faction - Human - Demon Hybrid
  • Occupation - Lieutenant/Head Strategist of [REDACTED]
  • Main Equipment:

Kasumi doesn't rely on direct combat herself. Instead, she prefers to pick off her targets from a distance quickly and quietly. As such, she's modified her Stalk weapon sets to include an integral suppressor in the knives. She also modified one of her Stalks to have the same ammunition changes as the Rogue weapon set, meaning one of her Stalks has an electricity round, an armor-piercing round, and an anti-angel round while the other has an incendiary, cryogenic, and anti-demon round. The both of them are also modified to act closer to sniper rifles than an assault rifle, dropping the full-auto firing rate to increase the power of the semi-auto and burst fire functions.

If either of her Stalk sets are incapable of getting the job done, she relies on her Disaster Pithos rifle. In short, the Disaster Pithos is an off-shoot of the Memphisto rifle used by Ryuga, though it lacks the all-purpose capacity and focuses on sniping and long-range engagement. It keeps the six other additional ammo types and biometric locks, though it's constructed in a bull-pup fashion and features an integral suppressor with a sleeker body.

In the rare instance that Kasumi gets into a melee encounter, she makes use of her Dual Piercer's Stake Mode and extends the metal spike to 2 meters or so to allow her to engage her opponents at medium range. Other times, she'll use Warglaives if she isn't armed with her Dual Piercer.


  • Kasumi is themed around the legend of Pandora's Box, as her display name and the name of her rifle would suggest. The Pithos is the original name for the storage object for the contents of the box, but it was eventually mistranslated into "Box" instead.
  • Kasumi's voice actress is the wife of Ryuga Gentoku's voice actor, Kensei Mikami.
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