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Personal Info
Name Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Age Early 20s
Gender Male
Height 6'3"
Weight 141 lbs
Eyes Red
Hair Black
Player Profile
Display Name Kamui
Kanji カムイ
Epithet Black Death
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Affiliation Guardians of Darkness
Status Deceased
Unique Weapon Lamentation

There is no such thing as good and evil; right and wrong... there is only weak and strong.
~ Kamui

Kamui is a major character in Sword Art Online: Last Light and Sword Art Online: Clashing Blades. He is the founder and former leader of the Guardians of Darkness.


Kamui is mostly seen wearing a full tattered black hooded cloak with a smiling skull mask, revealing nothing underneath. Even in combat he wears this garb. Underneath however, he wears a full black outfit with lightly armored gray metal boots and pauldrons, as well as wearing black leather gloves that reach up to his elbows. He only takes off his mask during a battle against a truly worthy opponent, and in this case he opens his cloak and takes off his hood, making it look more like a cape.


Nothing is known about Kamui's background prior to entering Sword Art Online.

Kamui founded the Guardians of Darkness soon after the game was released, after obtaining knowledge of Skeith's existence, and banded together a group of players with the intention of capturing Skeith. While at the time, Kamui did not know of Skeith's true powers, and figured it as a special secret weapon, over time he began to realize Skeith's abilities, and after Majora used Skeith to nearly destroy Aincrad, Kamui quickly altered his goals. After that incident, Kamui's new goal was to acquire Skeith for himself to take the Game Master's place in ruling over Aincrad. Soon after, Kamui had gained a reputation as one of the most dangerous and feared players in all of Aincrad.

It is known that Kamui has fought with Yamato on a few occasions during his hunt for Skeith, with both being able to match each other near equally. In the end, however, Yamato proved to be the superior of the two.


Kamui is dark and cold, willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill his own agenda, including killing others. He strongly believes that there is no good and evil, and that the concept of these ideas are only established by those who were stronger than others, whether they are right or wrong.



Kamui recognized Hao's great tactical abilities and therefore placed him as second in command of the Guardians of Darkness, even if his feelings toward him are of disdain. He is very careful around Hao, as he knows Hao could easily overthrow him without so much as lifting a finger.

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