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Kaho Inamori
Personal Info
Name Kaho Inamori
Kanji 稲森果歩
Romanji Inamori Kaho
Birthday August 1st
Age 16
Gender Female
Height 5'6
Weight 126 lbs
Eyes Dark amber
Hair Dark brown
Place of Residence Shibuya, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
Family Mother
Player Profile
Display Name Wolfwood
Kanji ウルフウッド
Romanji Urufūddo
Epithet Obsidian Integrity's Punisher
VRMMORPGs Played End War Online
Occupation Mercenary
Bounty Hunter
Affiliation Obsidian Integrity Contractors
Partner Usually Mukuro Sayama
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Obsidian Integrity HQ
Status Alive
Unique Weapon Wolfwood
"Shibuya 2048" pistols
Voice Actor Shibuya Kaho
First Appearance End War Online: United Souls

Don't glare at me like that...
~ Kaho Inamori

Kaho Inamori is a Human player in End War Online, set to appear in End War Online: United Souls. She is a member of Obsidian Integrity Contractors, often working alongside fellow member Mukuro Sayama as combat operatives.


As per her organization's dress code, she wears multiple different outfits depending on the mission type and the time of its mission. For high-intensity combat night missions, she wears a dark grey dress-shirt; a charcoal waistcoat; a black double-breasted coat; a dark grey above-knee skirt; black lace thigh-highs with thigh holsters for one pair of her Shibuya 2048 pistols; and heeled combat boots. Her daytime, combat-intensive outfit is just like its night variant, though in different colors: a white dress-shirt, a grey waistcoat with red vertical stripes, a silver and black coat, an off-white skirt, dark grey lace thigh-highs with a garter belt, and her heeled combat boots. Her casual outfit is a thin white oversized hoodie; a black basketball jacket with a crimson tilted cross and a blue rose on the back; a grey skirt; black lace stockings with thigh holsters for a pair of Shibuya 2048 pistols; and black, mid-calf, lace-up boots. Regardless of the outfit, she wears a Michael Kors brand Whitney Tri-Tone watch with the face on the inside of her left wrist, a set of charcoal fingerless gloves, and a backpack with ammunition fed through a belt to her Wolfwood weapon.

IRL, Kaho wears the normal uniform for her school, which is a white button-up t-shirt left partially undone, a light blue bow-tie, a black and red plaid skirt, black stockings, black dress shoes, and a black sweater tied around her waist in lieu of the optional black blazer. If she's not in her school uniform, then she's wearing a white button-up shirt left slightly undone, a black neck-tie left tied but loose, a tan sweater tied around her waist over a charcoal skirt, black lace thigh-highs, and black sneakers.


Kaho took a keen interest in guns and anime as she was growing up, falling in love with a specific anime involving a blonde in red with a revolver. She endured bullying alongside Mukuro Sayama in middle school, though she was bullied more about her physical appearance. Boys always made fun of her feminine assets developing much quicker than other girls her age. Girls bullied her to compensate for their jealousy of her growth. Her self-worth spiralled downwards into a mess, with only Mukuro to keep her together. When she reached high school, she would meet Junji Hitsugaya and his step-sister, where she would befriend them and learn of End War Online. Instead of working part-time at a restaurant like her friend Mukuro, she instead began working a coffee shop where she met Sento Kasai and Haru Yamamoto. The two befriended her and tried to assure her that her physical appearance isn't the only thing determining her self-worth. They also recommended Kaho join End War, with Haru offering to help her train in game if she'd like. Once she joined the game, Kaho took Haru up on the training offer, learning alongside her the ways of a mercenary and bounty hunter. Though she was forever grateful to the two for their words, she chose to join Junji's organization, since Mukuro had joined up with him. Eventually, she met fellow gun otaku Tokime Suginami when looking for a way to make a specific weapon Kaho had designed herself. The two girls worked tirelessly to make these weapons a reality, bringing about the Wolfwood.


Due to the years of horrible remarks, Kaho has a complex about her voluptuous figure. She's very sensitive about people staring at her, and has a negative self-image. She has a tendency to ramble on about anime, manga, or guns to anyone, sometimes to the point of annoyance. This love for manga and guns is deeply ingrained in her personality, as she usually makes as many references as possible. To compensate for her complex, she tries to act like a jokester who tries to have as much fun as she can. Kaho tries to be outgoing and friendly, but it often collapses into a mumbling mess of shyness and adorability. Being Mukuro's friend, Kaho has taken some influence from her, sharing her empathy and interest in tokusatsu. She is willing to talk out an issue with a friend, but often keeps her own problems to herself. Her work ethic is astounding, working hard with incredible focus with a preference for solo work instead of in groups. Kaho is extremely nervous about being in group situations, and will often gravitate to anyone she knows to any extent to find some form of comfort and normalcy. She holds a disdain for lewd remarks about her figure, and has a bit of a complex relationship with Tokime because of this. However, Sento, Haru, and Shiro have helped her to start building a better image of herself; she's found Haru's influence to be the most helpful, since they both have similarly curvaceous figure.


End War Online

  • Faction - Human
  • Occupation - Obsidian Integrity Contractors' Field Operative
  • Main Equipment:
    • Wolfwood
    • "Shibuya 2048" pistols
    • Typhoon

Kaho is a master marksman who prefers to shoot her way out instead of physically fighting. She knows Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, and some Wing Chun techniques for self-defense, but primarily relies on her firearms. Her "Shibuya 2048" pistols are a unique design created for completely single-handed use, with the trigger guard acting as a non-reciprocating cocking lever that allows her to rack the slide without the need to use her other hand. She keeps 5 pairs of these pistols with at her at all times, one pair holstered on her thighs, and the other four pairs stored in her Wolfwood weapon. The Wolfwood weapon is her signature weapon, a giant cross-shaped weapon with a belt-fed machine gun hidden in the long end, a side-loading rocket launcher on the other end, and storage for Kaho's other Shibuya 2048 pistols in its arms. Wolfwood is a multi-purpose weapon capable of mowing down enemies with its machine gun or providing heavy ordnance with its rocket launcher, in addition to providing extra storage space for her other pistols. Like everyone else in her organization, Kaho uses Obsidian Integrity's unique body armor featuring silicon carbide discs, ceramic matrices, and accompanying laminate. In-game, she rides a custom vehicle designed specifically to haul Wolfwood and for all-terrain situations. This "reverse" tricycle is a battery-powered vehicle capable of storing and hauling the Wolfwood across all terrain at high speeds, in addition to general transportation for Kaho.

Music Themes

MV REOL - 宵々古今 YoiYoi Kokon

MV REOL - 宵々古今 YoiYoi Kokon

Tsuneo Imahori H.T

Tsuneo Imahori H.T. in "Badlands Rumble"


  • Kaho is indeed voiced by and named after former JAV Actress Kaho Shibuya.
  • She also references the anime Trigun anime series quite often, especially in her in-game username and primary weapon "Wolfwood."
  • Kaho named her signature weapon after her username because she couldn't think of any other name for it.
  • Her three sizes in centimeters are [B-102, W-60, H-91].
  • Despite working at a coffee shop, Kaho doesn't like the taste of actual coffee, even with milk and/or sugar.
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