Personal Info
Name Junsaku Sugimura
Kanji 杉村 淳作
Romanji Sugimura Junsaku
Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Weight 120 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Player Profile
Display Name Junsaku
VRMMORPGs Played Endless Utopia Online
Occupation Dragon Rider
Partner ???
Status Alive

...I have no clue what to do, man. Why me?
~ Junsaku

Junsaku Sugimura is a player of Endless Utopia Online.


In EUO, Junsaku wears obsidian black battle armour, consisting mostly of black leather padding and scalemail, the leather lined with grey lining. Long, black boots and a dark grey undershirt compliment the battle-worn armour. Pinned between his shoulderpads, an ashen black cloak gracefully falls down, shielding his back and part of his arms.

At high school, he wears a high collared, blue jacket, accompanied by a white undershirt and blue trousers. During breaks, he loses the jacket and slaps on a blue beanie.


Junsaku leads an average, high school life in Osaka, paired with a practical job as a part-time concierge at his Aikido club which is located beneath a train station on the outskirts of the city. He was later transferred to a new facility, known as a sister institution based near Shimoda, which offered him an improved education while also sustaining a new job for him as concierge at the facilty. This transfer was only beneficial, as his mother moved from Osaka to Tokyo due to family related issues.


Junsaku is often described as silent or withdrawn, while in truth he's just more of a thinker than a talker. He tends to do good on his own, but he does enjoy the company of like-minded induviduals. He is loyal, trustworthy, and strifes to be honourable in his actions. Though he tries to uphold these values, he does struggle with keeping his calm. If pushed, his calm, thoughtful atitude could be turned into shyness, frustration or even anger in some cases.


Endless Utopia Online

  • Race: Hybrid (Human/Draco)
  • Occupation/Affiliation: Dragon Rider/Dragon Order

Junsaku discovered his alignment with Dracos soon enough after his egg hatched for him, though some question his true nature. At first hand, Junsaku seemed to edge more towards Ice, which fitted his calm, withdrawn characteristics. Then, on the other hand he found a natural, undenying affinity in Fire as a Draco, strengthened by his bond as Dragon Rider.

As for Sword Skills, he seems to have taken up a rather particular style which revolves around hard-hitting, multi layered assaults which force open his opponent's defenses. To perfect this strategy, he opts for a two-handed sword.

Junsaku rides Rhaezolas, a raven-black dragon with icy-blue, shimmering eyes. Though still undergoing harsh training as part of the order, they already form a potent team.

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