This skill, Judgement Cut, is property of Ishimura Elite.

Judgement Cut is an ability unique to Yamato, and later to Ishi, by the usage of Izanagi.


Judgement Cut is Yamato's only ranged attack, and allows him to cut into targets with extreme precision and lethality. Yamato draws his sword at blinding speed, seeming as though he hadn't even brought out his blade at all, and in that quick swipe, cuts into a far away enemy to deal massive damage. This skill is impossible to block and extremely difficult to dodge. This move can be performed multiple times extremely quickly before the move actually hits, building up extreme damage that can decimate any foe.


Ishi's version of Judgement Cut is similar to Yamato's in use and function, but is capable of much more power. Ishi is able to use Judgement Cut with Izanagi (Yamato's former katana, created by the power of Corbenik) at a much faster rate that Yamato could. Unlike Yamato's version, Ishi's Judgement Cut is able to operate omnidirectionally simultaneously, capable of hitting targets in all directions at once. At it's full extent, it is able to cut into hundreds of individual targets with perfect precision simultaneously with a single draw, or concentrate on one powerful target.

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