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Jonathan Jols
Personal Info
Name Jonathan Jols
Kanji ホナトアン ホルス
Romaji Honatoan horusu
Age 50 (New Aincrad)
Gender Male
Height 1,78mts
Weight 67kg
Occupation Butler
Family Galant (Master/Adoptive Son)
Appears In Sword Art Online: Past of Ashes
Sword Art Online: New Aincrad

Galant: "You still haven't lost faith in me?"
Jon: "Never."
— Galant and Jon
Jonathan Jols is the butler of the family of Galant, and his current tutor.


He is dressed with a black suit with white shirt and brown shoes.


He has deep loyalty for those that are his master and follows command without hesitation, even though he may think different. Still he always suggest another path to follow. He is a man that cares a lot for the ones he loves.


He is american, and was butler of the family of Norah Evans's, but he moved with her to Japan once she married Kiritsugu. He has taken care of Galant for all his life.



Jon and Galant are extremely close, considering each other family, even when they are not related by blood. Galant always talks to him when he is on a hard moment. Besides, Jon care of him as if he would be his own son. However, Jonathan disapproves Galant's vengeance on Mordread, but still respects his decision.


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