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Jo (24)
Personal Info
Name Jocelyne D’Arcy
Kanji ジョセリンダーシー
Birthday 14th July
Age 19 (17 pre-SAO)
Gender Female
Height 144 cm (4'8½")
Weight 33 kg (73 lbs.)
Eyes Violet
Hair Black
Place of Residence Corr na Móna, County Galway, Ireland
Occupation Student
Marital Status Single
Family Sinclair D'Arcy - Father
Yvette D'Arcy - Younger Sister
Player Profile
Display Name Ari'el
Kanji アリエル
Romanji Arieru
Epithet Jo
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Occupation Clearer
Affiliation The Golden Lions
Partner Riley MacKenna
Base of Operations The Lion's Den Pub - 26th Floor, Farestone Village.
Status Active
Primary Skill One Handed Curved Blade

Ari'el (アリエル, Arieru) is a clearer in Sword Art Online, and a guild member of The Golden Lions. Born in France, she grew  up in Ireland with her best friend and in-game partner, Riley MacKenna, but she moved to Japan with her Father and Sister 3 years prior to the release of SAO, due to her Father's work as the Art Director of SAO. She was one of the lucky 1000 Beta Testers of SAO, thanks to her Father, and has used her knowledge of Aincrad and video games in general to help Riley survive SAO. Her real name is Jocelyne D'Arcy (ジョセリンダーシー, Joserin Dāshī).


Reality / Sword Art Online:

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Sword Art Online / Beta Avatar:

Dark knight




Sword Art Online Closed Beta

Sword Art Online




The Golden Lions




Sword Art Online

  • Level:
  • HP: 

Main Equipment:

One Handed Curved Blade

Notable Achievements



  • Etymology of Names:
    • JOCELYNE is the feminine of Jocelyn, which is the French variant of Jacob.
    • D'ARCY is of Irish origin, meaning "Dark". It also has French origins, derived from a surname introduced into Britain during the Norman Conquest, based on the the French place name Arcy.
    • ARI'EL (Hebrew: אריאל, Ariel, Arael or Ariael) is an archangel found primarily in Jewish and Christian mysticism and Apocrypha. The name Ariel means "Lion of God" or "Hearth of God".
  • Jo can speak 3 languages fluently; English, French and Japanese. Also some Gaelic.
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