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Jesse in SAO
Personal Info
Name Jeshika Tanaka
Kanji ジェシカ
Romanji Jeshika
Birthday September 27, 2008
Age 17
Gender Female
Height 165 cm
Weight 58 kg
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Place of Residence Japan
Occupation Student
Marital Status Single
Player Profile
Display Name Jesse
Epithet Black Rose
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
ALfheim Online
Occupation Beater
Affiliation Darkness Falls
Partner Vin Tenebrae
Base of Operations Floor 13 (SAO)
Status Active
Primary Skill One Handed Sword
Unique Skill Dark Lightning
Unique Weapon Reaper's Katana
First Appearance Right Back At It Again
Jesse is one of the 10,000 players who were trapped in «Sword Art Online». She was one of two recruits that Darkness Falls pulled in after SAO started.  Her real name is Jeshika Tanaka.


Unlike the majority of the other guild members, Jesse is a native of Japan.  She is also one of the 1,000 people who got to beta test the VRMMO, SAO.  The guild recruited her after she beat Vin in a colliseum duel by using her unique skill, <<Dark Lightning>>.  From that day on, Vin and Jesse were almost inseperable, bonding in their mutual love of dueling and their goal of staying alive in the death game.  Surprising the rest of the guild, the two married each other in-game after four months of meeting each other. 

After SAO ended, Jesse was one of the 300 players that never woke up.  Vin visited her every single day, watching over her tortured sleep and refusing to speak to anyone until she woke up.  Because of Kirito's heroic actions, Jesse and the rest of the trapped players woke up; luckily, Jesse didn't retain any memory of the tests.  Devon and Jeshika's relationship in the real world is a mystery to most of their friends, spending a lot of time with each other, but not showing a lot of public affection, like most other couples. However, in ALO, the two are a force to be reckoned with.


Jesse is a skilled player and equipped with the unique skill, <<Dark Lightning>>, she can take on even the most experienced duelers.  She is a very independent player, so her membership in Darkness Falls and her relationship with Vin is a bit of mystery to most people.  Her loyalty to her friends is unmatched, and she won't hesitate to defend them the second someone insults or threatens them.


Fairy Dance Arc

Jesse is based on a character in the fan fiction, Right Back At It Again


Sword Art Online

  • Level: 55
  • Main Equipment:
    • 「Night's Fury Katana」 (One Handed Sword- Monster Drop)
    • 「Blacksmith Uniform- Black」 (Armor- Crafted by Ashely)
    • 「Uniform Cuffs- Black」 (Gloves- Crafted by Ashley)
    • 「Uniform Shoes- Black」 (Shoes- Crafted by Ashley)
    • 「Night's Fury Sash- Black」 (Belt- Crafted by Ashely)
  • Specialty
    • ​Dark Lightning - Enters a timed state in which her speed and stealth are raised to the system's max.
One Handed Sword Light Metal Equipment Parry Martial Arts Hiding
856 / 1000
744 / 1000
817 / 1000
785 / 1000
Acrobatics Night Vision Sprint
899 / 1000
756 / 1000
756 / 1000

ALfheim Online

  • Level: 51
  • Race: Imp
  • Main Equipment:
    • Reaper's Katana」 (One Handed Sword- Monster Drop)
    • 「Midnight Imp Coat- Black」 (Armor- Crafted by Ashley)
    • 「Dark Fairy's Gloves」 (Gloves- Crafted by Ashley)
    • 「Dark Fairy's Boots」 (Shoes- Crafted by Ashley)
    • 「Dark Metal Belt」 (Belt- Crafted by Gerg)
  • Specialty
    • Player Hunting- One of the best player hunters, Jesse is almost unstoppable at night
One Handed Sword Light Metal Equipment Parry Sprint Acrobatics
899 / 1000
865 / 1000
976 / 1000
944 / 1000
876 / 1000
Night Vision Dark Magic Hiding Tracking Martial Arts
977 / 1000
901 / 1000
949 / 1000


  1. Right Back At It Again
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