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...and then I was all like "SURPRISE LIGHTNING!" and

he was like "Oh Noes!" and then he died; it was hilarious.

~ Jareintar

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Personal Info
Real Name Tachibana Nanase
Kanji タチバナー・ナネイス
Romaji Tachibana Nanase
Birthday October 9, 2006
Age 16 (Beginning of Aincrad Arc)
Gender Female
Height 150 cm
Weight 56 kg
Occupation Student
Player Profile
Display Name Jareintar
Kanji (Display) ジェイレインター
Romaji (Display) Zixeireintaa
VR Played Sword Art Online
Sacred Clock Online
Mage's Tower
Occupation clearer
Affiliation Zeltran
Status Alive
Appears In Sword Art Online: Zeltran


Jareintar's red hair was the bane of her existence in regular MMOS, because other gamers dismissed her as a member of the "guy playing as a girl" trope.

In VRMMOs, however, people take her much more seriously.

Her weapon of choice is a vendetta, but when she can't get one, she uses a longsword.


Nanase is a very spur-of-the-moment person, and follows her impulses, even when doing so is completely nonsensical. This has gotten her into many a sticky situation, both in MMOs and IRL. As a result, her reflexes are top-notch, and she can use improvised weapons with surprising ease.

She is very easygoing, with a bubbly demeanor and a relaxed temperament.


Jareintar didn't join SAO because she was too wrapped up in regular MMOs. After joining Sacred Clock Online at Yzjdriel's suggestion, she became enamored with VR games and completely abandoned her other games.

She spends an inordinate time online, which is okay since she takes online classes.


Sacred Clock Online

Jaidira found the Clocktower in the Elzrath dimension just two days after Yzjdriel unlocked it.

She converted out at the same time as Yzjdriel even though she was only Level 85.


In Windypool, Jareintar became an infobroker. After the Concordium steamrolled the Tier 77 boss, she completed the game at a leisurely pace and joined her friends in WindypooII.


She was the first person to figure out why the Tier 77 boss in the first Windypool game was so difficult, and her theory was confirmed by the game developers. As a reward, they gave her 1000000 units of in-game currency (converted 500000000 Col).

When the rest of the guild moved to Mage's Tower, she followed.

Mage's Tower

The setup of Mage's Tower forced every player to go through the extensive tutorial. Jareintar finished it in the middle of the pack, but only because she repeated two-thirds of the lessons in order to learn the game from the inside out.

As a result, players learned to steer well clear of her in war zones, and she quickly rose to claim undisputed command of her faction, a position she retained until she converted to New ALfhiem Online and New Aincrad.



Nanase met Ryuya in the hospital as he recovered from SAO. At his suggestion, she dived into VRMMOs as a possible cure for her addiction.

She became so enamored with them that they joke about what would have happened if she had joined SAO: she would have been vehemently opposed to the movement to clear the game, simply because she loved it in the game so much. Once she migrated to New Aincrad, this joke became less funny and more accurate: she loved the scenery so much, she stayed logged in for five straight days, drinking water through a siphon connected to her kitchen sink.


New ALfheim

  • Level:95
  • HP:18250
  • MP:1075

Main Equipment

  • Mithral Vendetta (Vendetta - player-made by Khan Pachi)
  • Reinforced Bronze Armor (Armor - fortified by Khan Pachi)


New ALfheim Skill Slots
Two Handed Straight Sword Parry Battle Healing Reveal Acrobatics
543 / 1000
412 / 1000
970 / 1000
Sprint Meditation Vendetta
648 / 1000
411 / 1000

One Handed Sword Skills

  • Howling Octave
  • Snake Bite
  • Deadly Sins
  • Serration Wave

Two Handed Sword Skills

  • Cyclone
  • Avalanche
  • Back Rush

Unarmed Skills

  • Embracer
  • Senda
  • Gengetsu

Vendetta Skills

Notable Achievements

Broke the record for fastest time to Level 50 in Mage's Tower by 211:41:33.8 when she did it in just over 1 day.


  • The SAO image was painted by Alex Elykov.
  • The WindypooII image is the copyright of the DeviantArtist Sakimichan.
  • The Mage's Tower image was drawn by Daniel Ludivic.


Is the current record-holder for fastest time to Level 50 in Mage's Tower at 28:59:41.7.

Theme Song

Blackheart - Two Steps from Hell

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