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The Savior
Personal Info
Name Jacob Burton
Birthday 24th april
Age 21 (19 pre SAO)
Gender Male
Height 6"2'
Weight 213 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Turquoise Blue
Place of Residence New York, USA
Occupation College Student
Marital Status Single
Family Barry Burton (Father)

Sylvie Latuque (Mother) Katie Burton (Twin sister)

Player Profile
Display Name Brave Heart
Epithet Messiah


VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Occupation Helper

Front line Tank

Affiliation Freedom Fighters
Partner Katie Burton

Naomi Tamura

Base of Operations None
Status Active
Primary Skill One Handed Spear
Unique Skill Aegis Shield
Unique Weapon None


Reality / Sword Art Online

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Pre SAO Avatar

Game Nester44aaf1f719df4


  • Protective
  • Kind
  • Intelligent
  • Strong Minded
  • Caring
  • Strategic
  • Analystic
  • Flirt
  • Responsible
  • Brave


Jacob born in USA New York, eleven minutes before his sister. They were what people would say lucky, because their Family was a rich one. Life was easy for them, every time they wanted somehting, some one older gave it to them. Buttlers and maids were working in the mansion, and did every house chores for them. School started for both of them when they were five years old.

Already He was seen as a genius. Jacob made firends, always helping anyone who would need, even people that others thought as delinquent, he always found a way to make them comfortable and help them out of their miseries. Soon her realised what was coming. His sister was diffirent. She needed to attend every class attentively and work hard, while he went out during classes, and went giving helping hands to teachers, or people out of school. But Jacob was worried about what could happen. His sister was his half, and seing his father scold her because she didn't get good grades like him, made Jacob sad.

One night when he was thriteen, his father asked to talk to him privately, Jacob and Katie were playing a game together, and he knew somehting wasn't right. His father brought him to the living room and told Jacob that with his grade and behavior, he would be the heir of their computer company, of the house and everything he owned. Barry told him that he needed to stay away from Katie as much as possible or she could be dragging him down.

For the next five years Jacob did all but what his father told him no matter the consequences that came with it. He helped his sister more than anyone else and soon she got grades as good as him. They spent more time together helping people and playing games, it was of course their passion ever since they were seven. When they got eighteen, they moved out of their parents house, both refusing the inheritance, and went to rent an appartment together, going to a good college. With the money their parents had saved in both their bank accounts, anything was affordable. But they settled in a small appartment with only one big room and made it a gaming room. A year later It's there that they started playing SAO, and got trapped in it.


Sword Art Online


Jacob was the center of attention both at school and home, still he tried to give his sister has much time as he could. The bond he had with her from birth was the strongest thing for him. She was his half, and his heart would not beat without her. But everything pressuring him, witht he company take over made him be apart a bit from Katie, and not take her feelings in account.

He did what he wanted, as long as he could relax, get this stress out, and be happy. Until that day, the day his father took him alone and spoke to him about stopping to be this close to his sister, he had been inconsiderate of her, and his father's words made him regret it. There was no way Jacob wouldn't make it up. He felt like he betrayed his sister, and that would never happen. 

The years after, she became his everything. He passed more time with her, than in his school, or doing what he likes, turns out, he loved making his sister happy, protecting her, reassuring her, making her smile. Jacob grew closer to Katie, and without knowing it, or maybe not wanting to admit it, he too was in love with his twin. Still, he didn't want to go apart from her for that, the bond they shared was too deep, it was magical and no way he would ever loose it.

Moving in together with her, made both of them even closer, for Jacob, it was like he could hear her heartbeat every time he was close to her, and for the first time in his life, this feeling scared him a little. This is what led him to his flirt side. He started to flirt with other girls, trying to lie to himself, and hiding what he truly felt. But even if he did that, no one, NO ONE would ever come before Katie. 

His Relationship with Naomi is really good. They are both good friends, and understand each other very well, what they want, focusing on it and not loosing track of it. They tend to get more serious when they are together, mostly speaking of their strategy, who they should help, how to advance with the clearing. It's more of a professional kind of talk, but Jacob takes her like a little sister.

Sometimes, they do get their moments where they tease each other, or even make a team to tease Katie, or other players they encounter. Jacob won't play in it for long though, his protective side often gets him to come back serious with her and act as the strict big brother, but in truth he just worries for her, as he is one of the few that knows about her skill and the effects it has.

Often people will hear them argue, and he would tell her she is immature, and not fit for a leader, but it isn't what he thinks, he just has difficulty to tell other people he cares for them outside his twin sister


Sword Art Online

  • Level: 84
  • HP: 28346

Main Equipment


One Handed Spear Shield Mastery Heavy Metal Equipment Battle Healing Stamina
876 / 1000
821 / 1000
774 / 1000
951 / 1000
Shield Drum Entrench Aegis Shield Extended Weight Limit Block
899 / 1000
677 / 1000
605 / 1000
932 / 1000
Fishing Musical instrument
453 / 1000
358 / 1000

One-Handed Spear skills

Quick Jab (1-hit strike) A skill desing to keep the enemy away as quick as possible.

Power Thrust (1-hit strike) The player take stance with his strong foot on the back, holding the spear tight as it charges with his might, releasing it in a powerful thrust. 

Head Wind (2-hit combo) The spear his stabbed at the enemy, then the player quickly makes a backstep, and glides back toward the enemy, thrusting him a second time with more power.

Feint Strike (2-hit combo) The player dashes at the enemy, hitting with the blunt edge, but just to create a feint. As the enemy blocks or is hit, the player quickly moves to its back and thrust to the spine.

Thriple thrust (3-hit combo) Charges at the enemy with a quick thrust, just hiting him, then follows with an pward thrust, sending the smalles eneies in the air, and finishes by jumping and thrusting back the enemy to the ground.

Azure Thrust (3-hit combo) The player hurls at the enemy thusting him once, then backstep, and thrusts a second times with more power, and finishes by charging his spear full power, and thrusting a third time, making the enemy fall back a bit. 

If the enemy has a smaller frame, no bosses or big monsters, the last thrust will impale him, and can hit up to 3 enemies in a line.

Notable Acheivement

  • Possess the Shield of Aegis Unique skill
  • Escorted a group of non fighter that was targeted by Laughing coffin



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