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Izumi Satomi
Personal Info
Name Izumi Satomi
Kanji サトミ イズミ
Romanji Satomi Izumi
Birthday July 25
Age 13
Gender Female
Height 157 cm
Weight 35 kg
Eyes Pink
Hair Black
Unusual Features Pink eyes (it's a recessive trait in the family)
Occupation Student
Family Chiharu (one of the many cousins)

Mikira (also another cousin)

Aimi Satomi (twin sister)

Player Profile
VRMMORPGs Played Endless Utopia Online
Partner Aimi Satomi
Status Alive
Unique Weapon Arcenfleur


In real life, Izumi and Aimi are identical twins. They both have long, black hair, and bright pink eyes. In EUO, her outfit was styled by her sister, Aimi. She has her normal hair color and eye color and wears her hair in two curly, twin tails with a pink and gold butterfly hair accessory. She also wears a golden necklace with a golden locket and a pink dress (with shorts under of course) with translucent pink long sleeves with gold glitter. For footwear, she has on pink ballerina slippers with the long ribbons wrapping around her legs. For fun, she likes to wear fairy wings on her back because she thinks it's cute (also Aimi's idea).


Theia is friendly and sweet, but she doesn't talk as much to people than her sister does. She is a huge bookworm and loves books, especially mythology and fantasy. She loves a good competition, but only if it's something like knowledge, as she does not excel much at sports.


Theia is related to Chiharu and Mikira. She also has an identical twin sister named Aimi Satomi. Like all of them, she loves pink. It sort of runs in the family. When she was younger, she found an interest in weapons, and was able to take up fencing. She shares a liking for video games and purchased EUO as soon as she got the chance and had done some research on it to learn more about it.


Aimi Satomi: Aimi is Izumi's twin sister and best friend.

Chiharu: Chiharu is one of Izumi's many relatives, and helped get her into video games.

Mikira: Another relative who helped get her into video games.


Endless Utopia Online

In EUO, previously finding that Fairies could manipulate light, Izumi was excited. She practiced her ability, and in a few months she was able to blind people easily. She received a rapier that she named Arcenfleur. Afterwards, Izumi decided that she wanted to try to do some actual damage with magic, so she wouldn't be too dependent on her rapier.  She decided on the element Fire, due to it's relation to Light.  As she practiced, she got better and better at both elements, and soon, she could take down enemies easily by with attacks like blinding her enemies with light, and then unleashing an attack with her rapier and the forces of fire.

Notable Achievements

  • Mastering light, fire, and using her rapier



  • Sometimes, for fun, she likes waving around her rapier like a wand (Harry Potter guys).
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