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Alexander the Great
Personal Info
Name Alexander Macedon
Kanji マケドニアアレクサンダー
Birthday July 21, 1988
Age 34
Gender Male
Height 6'4"
Weight 172 lbs
Eyes Red
Hair Red
Player Profile
Display Name Iskandar
Kanji イスカンダル
Romanji Isukandaru
Epithet Alexander the Great
The Conqueror
King of Conquerors
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Affiliation Alpha Testers
Army of the King
Partner None
Status Alive
Unique Weapon Conquest

We are now ready, my friends! We will fight! We will stand together! AND WE WILL ALL BECOME LEGEND!
~ Iskandar

Iskandar is an Alpha Tester of Sword Art Online. 


Iskandar wears mostly red and brown, with red battle wear with a red cape, as well as brown sleeveless armor over his chest. He wears black pants with knee high brown boots, as well as two armor plated gauntlets.


Not much is known about Iskandar prior entering Sword Art Online, other than that he was an Alpha Tester for the game.


Iskandar is known for his extreme charisma, which is always more than enough to rally his men into battle to fight alongside him. It is this charisma and sheer willpower that makes him such a valiant and headstrong warrior, never backing down from a fight, even when it could cost him his life. He is always in high spirits, and is fiercely loyal to all under his command, easily willing to give his life for just one of them. It is this loyalty and value of friendship that rallies his men to fight alongside him.


Army of the King

To each an every one of his men, Iskandar is fiercely devoted and loyal to, willing to give his life for every single one of them in return for them being loyal to him and willing to do the same thing. Iskandar sees it as an honor and a privilege to be able to fight alongside his soldiers in battle.


Iskandar and Ishi get along well, and Iskandar even offered Ishi a position as his leading general in his army, although Ishi declined his proposal. The two are in good standings with each other, and the two work well with one another in battle. Iskandar praises Ishi's fighting spirit and his skill with his weapons, valuing his friendship highly.


Sword Art Online

  • Level: 80
  • HP: 27921
  • Main Equipment:
    • Conquest


One-Handed Sword Hand-to-Hand Combat Parry Defense Strength
Heavy Metal Equipment

Music Theme

World's Greatest Battle OSTs Ever Rule The Battlefield

World's Greatest Battle OSTs Ever Rule The Battlefield

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