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Interrogation Skill
Skill Info
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Category Support (Unique Skill)
User(s) Sean Michalek
Appears in Sword Art Online: Beyond the Front Lines

Interrogation Skill

The INTERROGATION SKILL is a Unique Skill given to any player that has maxed out his searching,hiding and sneaking skills, as this player would be the most secretive player in the game.


<<INTERROGATION>> A Unique Skill given to the most secretive player in Sword Art Online allows the user to INTERROGATE Non-Player Characters (NPC's) and Playable Characters for information on certain Players, Non-Player Characters, Items, quests, guilds and anything else imaginable needed to for Intelligence. <<INTERROGATION>> also allows the Player access to the Interrogation Dagger which activates the skill when it is held in a Hostage Position and senses a Player and/or NPC's neck close to it's blade.

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