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Ino Choyo
Personal Info
Real Name Ino Choyo
Kanji 井野チョイ
Age 23
Gender Female
Height 172 cm (5'7½")
Weight 57 kg (126 lbs)
Player Profile
Display Name Ryne
Kanji (Display) リーン
VR Played «Sword Art Online»
Occupation Clearer
Affiliation «Brightscale»
Status Alive
Appears In «Sword Art Online (Kenji)»

Ino Choyo (井野チョイ), known by the username Ryne (リーン), was one of the 10,000 players trapped in «Sword Art Online». She was a founding member of a Clearer guild called «Brightscale».


Ino is a tall and curvaceous young woman with an hourglass figure.[1] As a ranged crowd-controller Ino wears lightweight cloth armor which offers minimal protection whilst maximising movement.[2]


Ino was patient, in possession of a great attention span, and was experienced at handling children. Momoko and Akiye opened up to her following their trust-breaking meeting with Loki and subsequently introduced her to Kenji.[3] In was this introduction that led to her joining Kenji's pre-guild party.[1] Her most defining trait, however, was her tremendous business sense. Ino was the Treasurer of «Brightscale» and spearheaded several ventures on the lower floors designed to drum-up a customer-base for the twins and bring in money for her guild-mates, whilst offering services for the tourists who wished to experience the sights of Aincrad but had't the means to venture out of the safe-zones.[4]



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Aincard arc





Stat Value Time
Level 12.[Notes 1] Sometime before December 19th, 2022.[1]
Level 13.[5] As of December 24th, 2022.[5]



Name Type Acquisition Notes
«Throwing Pick» Thrown-type Weapon Already in Ino's possession before partying up with Kenji.[1] Can produce a «Continuous Piercing» damage-over-time (DoT) effect should the «Throwing Pick» not be removed.[1]
«Chakram» Thrown-type Weapon Already in Ino's possession before partying up with Kenji.[1] Requires «Throwing Blade» and «Martial Arts» to equip.[1]


Name Type Acquisition Notes
«Cloth armor» Cloth armor Already in Ino's possession before partying up with Kenji.[1] Included upper-body, legs, feet and arms.[1]



Prior to joining «Brightscale» Ino was a solo player. Before she acquired her «Chakram» she fought using a combination of bait-and-hit manoeuvres with the «Throwing Blade» Skill before attacking her target in close-quarters with her «Martial Arts» Skill.[1]

Ino is described as a ranged crowd-controller who supports the primary DPS through use of her «Chakram».[2] In normal situations from the 3rd Floor onward this meant she was Sojiro's backup, but in a raid-party setting this extended to Kenji.[6]

Battle-skills aside Ino is a businesswoman. Her «Purchase Negotiation» allows her to buy cheaply whilst her «Sales Negotiation» allows her to sell at a markup, and this allowed her to stockpile materials for Momoko and Airi.[4] She had a finger on the pulse of Aincrad's market and was constantly alert for new marketing opportunities.[1]

Sword Art Online

Throwing Blade Martial Arts Purchase Negotiation Sales Negotiation
153 / 1000
117 / 1000
180 / 1000
200 / 1000

Sword Skills

Throwing Blade
  • Single Shot -- a basic one-hit throwing skill.[1]
  • Impact Shot -- a basic one-hit throwing skill that produces a 3-second stun effect with high-probability.

Supplementary Skills

Outside System Skills

Author's notes

Behind the scenes

  • Ino's height and weight measurements, including physical appearance, is modelled on Rangiku Matsumoto from Bleach.


References & notes



  1. Ino had four skills slotted when she joined up with Kenji prior to the official creation of «Brightscale», which would require a level of at least 12.
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