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Ino Choyo
Personal Info
Real Name Ino Choyo
Kanji 井野チョイ
Age 23
Gender Female
Height 172 cm (5'7½")
Weight 57 kg (126 lbs)
Player Profile
Display Name Ryne
Kanji (Display) リーン
VR Played «Sword Art Online»
Occupation Clearer
Affiliation «Brightscale»
Status Alive
Appears In «Sword Art Online (Kenji)»

Ino Choyo (井野チョイ), known by the username Ryne (リーン), was one of the original beta testers for «Sword Art Online», and subsequently became one of the 10,000 trapped within the gane. She was a founding member of a Clearer guild called «Brightscale».

Ino served initially as a background character in the author's work, before becoming a regular supporting charcater. She often made appearances alongside Kusaka, Sojiro and Fujimaru.


Ino is a tall and curvaceous young woman in her mid-twenties with an hourglass figure and light blue-coloured eyes. She sports meticulously styled blond-coloured hair, which is jaw-length.[1] Kenji has claimed that she walks and acts like a glamour model and that he wouldn't be surprised if this had been her job in the real world.[2] Ino has often been described by quite a few people, including Kenji, Yoshiro and Fujimaru, as being very beautiful.[3]

Casual wear


Ino's casual guild uniform.

Yoshiro and Kusaka were the first combative members of «Brightscale» to adopt casual attire.[4] Momoko created a casual uniform rather than a strict battle uniform, allowing for the members of «Brightscale» to exhibit their own unique appearance when questing. The uniform she settled on was distinctly Eastern in design and consisted of a black-coloured kimono, white shitagi, black hakama, white ōbi, white tabi, waraji, and a simple armband with the «Brightscale» insignia emblazoned on its surface. In addition, Ino's uniform is slightly modified, with a scarf worn around her neck and tied with a knot.[5] These uniforms were in use by the members of «Brightscale» by the 22nd of December 2022.[6]

Early equipment

Ino's earliest equipment was similar to that of Kenji and Airi, in that she favoured lightweight leather or cloth armour with an emphasis on mobility, rather than protection.[1] Up to and following her joining of «Brightscale» Ino never wore a helmet nor a hat.[3][2] This gelled well with her early build which was that of draw-in attacks with «Throwing Picks» before dispatching her target in close-quarters with «Martial Arts».[7]

Felines Hiss

Ino's first unique set of armour consisted of five single-slot pieces of gear that comprised her upper-body, arm, waist, leg and foot slots, which was collectively identified by the system as the «Felines Hiss». Whilst it isn't known exactly when she obtained this particular suit, rare drops from «Nephila Regina» were used in its creation, which Ino had been farming since December 18th 2022 at the very least.[1] The entire suit was in her possession and worn by her by the time «Brightscale» explored the «Dead Woods Mausoleum».[8] The «Felines Hiss» was skintight and showed off every one of Ino's ample curves, was pitch black in colouration, and sported tufts of fur along the shoulders, wrists and ankles.[9] It was neither cloth nor leather and was instead created using «Queen Spider Silk»,[10] and was stated by Kusaka to have greater tensile strength than kevlar, which lent it a surprising degree of protectiveness and a slew of resistances.[11] Due to its revealing nature, however, Ino often donned a knee-length cloak that closed at the neck and waist by way of a metallic clasp.


Ino was patient, in possession of a great attention span, and was experienced at handling children. The twins Momoko and Akiye opened up to her following their trust-breaking meeting with Loki and subsequently introduced her to Kenji.[12] In was this introduction that led to her joining Kenji's pre-guild party.[2]

Prior to joining up with «Brightscale» she was close with Fujimaru Nakamura, the two having partied together on at least two occassions, and encouraged him to be more assertive in his opinions.[1]

Her most defining trait, however, was her tremendous business sense; Fujimaru described Momoko and Akiye's business plan a stroke of genius, unaware that it had been Ino's idea.[13] Ino was the Treasurer of «Brightscale» and spearheaded several ventures on the lower floors designed to drum-up a customer-base for the twins and bring in money for her guild-mates, whilst offering services for the tourists who wished to experience the sights of Aincrad but did not possess the means or courage to venture out of the safe-zones themselves without an escort.[14] Her primary concern was making money but despite her priorities she was described as a nice person by Fujimaru.[1] She contributed towards the insignia of «Brightscale», which was based on the Kitemark of the British Standards Institute.[2]

Her business sense aside, Ino can be somewhat of a tease. After joining she quickly befriended Airi Natsume and liked poking fun over her relationship with Kenji.[2]


Like Kenji and Kusaka, Ino was a beta tester for «Sword Art Online».[2] She never talked about her experiences in the beta and actually swore Fujimaru to secrecy regarding her beta tester background.[1]


Main article -- Sword Art Online (Kenji).

Aincard arc

Part I


Part II


Stat Value Time
Level 12.[Notes 1] Sometime before December 19th, 2022.[2]
Level 13.[15] As of December 18th.[1]
Still Level 13 as of December 24th 2022.[15]



Name Type Acquisition Notes
«Throwing Pick» Thrown-type Weapon Already in Ino's possession before partying up with Kenji.[2] Can produce a «Continuous Piercing» damage-over-time (DoT) effect should the «Throwing Pick» not be removed.[2]
«Chakram» Thrown-type Weapon Already in Ino's possession before partying up with Kenji.[2] Requires «Throwing Blade» and «Martial Arts» to equip.[2]


Name Type Acquisition Notes
«Cloth Armour» Cloth armour Already in Ino's possession before partying up with Kenji.[2] Included upper-body, legs, feet and arms.[2]
«Felines Hiss» Cloth armour Player-made by Momoko using materials from «Nephila Regina»,[1] and forged sometime between the 18th and 30th of December 2022.[8] Included upper-body, arms, waist, legs and feet.[8]
Increased «Slashing» resistance.[11]
Increased «Piercing» resistance.[11]
Increased «Poison» resistance.[11]


Name Type Acquisition Notes
«Unnamed Agility earring» Earring Received December 19th 2022,[12] as a reward for the «Jade Key» quest.[16] Grants +1 to Agility.[16]


Ino's primary role is not combative in nature but rather linked to her real life business sense and moneymaking schemes,[2] whilst her secondary role is ranged DPS and crowd-control.[7] She is comfortable both as a solo player and in a group with other players.[1]

Her initial Skill Slot, «Throwing Blade», deals little in terms of actual damage, but allows her to distract targets or cause a piercing DoT effect to her targets with casual ease and frequent success.[17] Ino's second Skill Slot, «Martial Arts», was her primary means of damage during her time as a solo player prior to joining «Brightscale», but became secondary following her acquisition of a «Chakram» on the 2nd Floor.[18] The «Chakram» completely changed the frequency of Ino's damage. The increased attack, coupled with the ease of striking a targets weak point, resulted in a high number of critical hits.[1]

Battle-skills aside Ino is a businesswoman. Her third Skill Slot, «Purchase Negotiation», allows her to buy materials at a price slightly below the standard set and maintained by the system, whilst her fourth Skill Slot, «Sales Negotiation», allows her to sell at a higher rate to NPC vendors.[7] These Skills allowed Ino to stockpile materials for Momoko and Airi early-on and also profit off of generic loot more easily.[14] In addition to her actual in-game Skill layout Ino had a finger on the pulse of Aincrad's market and was constantly alert for new marketing opportunities and cor-making schemes.[2] This included the acquisition of seemingly random pieces of loot.[1] Only days after joining Kenji and company she managed to make the others a great deal of cor.[2]

Sword Art Online

Throwing Blade Martial Arts Purchase Negotiation Sales Negotiation
153 / 1000
117 / 1000
180 / 1000
200 / 1000

Sword Skills

Throwing Blade
  • Single Shot -- a basic one-hit throwing skill.[2] When used with a «Chakram», or similar weapon, the damage was significantly buffed.[1]
  • Impact Shot -- a basic one-hit throwing skill that produces a 3-second stun effect with high-probability.

Supplementary Skills

Outside System Skills

Author's notes

Behind the scenes

  • Ino's height and weight measurements, including physical appearance, is modelled on Rangiku Matsumoto from Bleach.


References & notes



  1. Ino had four skills slotted when she joined up with Kenji prior to the official creation of «Brightscale», which would require a level of at least 12.
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