Immortal Power
Skill Info
Kanji イモータル・パワー
Romaji Immortal Power
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Category Extra skill
User(s) Will
Appears in Band of Brothers


This is an extra skill that allows the user the ability to use Immortal Objects as weapons. This is done by boosting the amount of knockback and impact felt when a player is struck into the Immortal Object. The chances of breaking bones and knocking out the enemy are heavily increased. Additionally, Stun, Daze, Dizzy and Headache debuffs are also a part of this skill. Functioning more as utility, this skill can synergize with other attack skills to boost a player’s potential. By using his cart, which is an Immortal Object, Will can fight mobs and players alike by using the object as a shield or weapon. With his Sash skills and Weapon Redirection, his throws become more powerful and his hits deal more damage, particularly when he hurls enemies into the cart.


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