Item Info
Name Hystoria
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location Forged from Deadric ore
Quest None
Dropped By None
Item Type Sword
Sub-type Two Handed Nodachi
Status Acquired

Hystoria was forged by the blacksmith Basstos, one of the only friend Hajime has in the game. Is smithing skill for two handed was mastered, so when Hajime presented him the deadric ore, found in a hidden room of the dungeon right under the city of the 1st floor, Basstos absolutely wanted to forge a weapon out of it. Hystoria is a two handed nodachi, that gives the user a great boost in agi and str.


A log Devel-ish Nodachi, with red markings on the edge. The hilt looks like one of a Katana, but has guards that ressembles claws of demons, and is ornated with orange gems, making it look like it has eyes looking at you.


Sword Art Online



Nodachi / Two hand

Range: Long

Type: Slash

Attack: 1250 - 1350

Durability: 1070

Weight: 210

Requires: 73

Equip: + 50

Agility: + 50

Strenght: +35

Estimated Dimensions

Handle: 50cm

Blade: 140cm

Known Users

Hajime Hiroki