Animal Info
Kanji ヒドラ
Romaji Hidora
Type Reptile
Diet Carnivore
Element Water and Ice
Habitat Oceans
Range South and north seas

Hydras are a species of animals found in Endless Utopia Online. They are also refered to as Sea Serpent


Hydras are aquatic serpentine creatures, quite similar to a Wyrm, but with no forelimbs or hindlimbs. It has several fins protruding out of its body. Generally one or two in the back, several on its sides and one last one close to the strong tail, which serves as a propellant. It has sharp teeth which are the size of a small sword, which are replaced every time they are lost. Its body is covered in scales, though these scales are less hard than those of other reptiles.

When born, they are about a meter long, but they can grow up to be 20 to 30 meters long.

Hydras are capable of firing large jets of water from its mouth at incredible speed. On occasion, they are also capable of shooting out a freezing stream of ice.

being a reptile, they are related to Dragons and Basilisks.


Hydras are rather violent and dangerous predators, hunting for anything that they come in contact with, but with a preference for large animals. When they feel in danger, they often attack violently unless they are somehow intimidated, in which case, they escape. They have an incredible breath capacity, often lasting one or two hours without breathing. They are animals that only come out of the water to breathe or to attack something on the surface.

They tend to engage in violent battles with Krakens and Leviathans.

Due to the violent nature and the fact that they spend most of their time underwater, it is rare for a player to become the tamer of a Hydra.


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