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Hotel November is a human faction group in End War Online
Hotel November
Guild Info
Name Hotel November
Kanji ホテル11月
Romanji Hoteru 11 tsuki
Epithet November Company
Members Laura Schwarzerfeld

Ridley Scordato
Vincent Kennedy

Previous Members Dimitri Jäger
Main Focus Contract:


Base of Operations Renskr
Allies None
Former Allies Renskr Military
Status Active


Hotel November, previously known as November Company, was an elite sniper squadron in the Renskr Military. However, due to unknown circumstances, November Company defected from the military and formed their own team, renaming themselves Hotel November. Hotel November was an elite group of highly trained snipers who performed contract assassinations, espionage, and other such missions. They were known for their incredible sniper skills, consisting of arguably the most skilled snipers in the game, and became renown for never failing a mission, no matter how long it would take, or how difficult or risky it would be.


Hotel November is comprised of three members, originally being four.

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