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Hiyori Kashiwazaka
Hiyori (RL)
Name Hiyori Kashiwazaka
Kanji 柏坂 ひより
Romanisation Kashiwazaka Hiyori
Alias ({{{2}}}?)
Personal Status
Birthdate September 4th, 2009
Age 15 (Beginning of Aincrad Arc)
16 (Spell Blade Online Closed Beta Arc)
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 162 cm
Weight 50 kg
Blood Type B negative
Hometown Kyoto, Honshu, Japan
Family Timothy Jenkins (Father)
Amatsukaze Kashiwazaka (Mother)
Occupation KoB Lieutenant Colonel (SAO and SBO)
High School Student (RL)
Previous Occupation Laughing Coffin Spy (SAO) (formerly)
Middle School Student (RL)
Affiliation Knights of the Blood (SBO)
Previous Affiliation [[w:c:swordartonline:Laughing Coffin|]] (SAO) (Formerly)
Knights of the Blood (SAO)
Classification Swordswoman
Magic Caster
VR Worlds «[[w:c:swordartonline:Sword Art Online|]]»
«Ordinal Scale»
«Spell Blade Online»
«Project Alicization»

Hiyori Kashiwazaka (柏坂 ひより, Oak Hill Weather?), known as Lux (ルクス, Rukusu?) in «[[w:c:swordartonline:Sword Art Online|]]», Jeanne (ジャンヌ, Jan'nu?) for her Undine avatar and Charlotte (シャーロット, Shārotto?) for her Cait Sith avatar in «Spell Blade Online», as well as Annabeth Rosenberg (アナベス・ローゼンバーグ, Anabesu Rōzenbāgu?) within Aunkai of «Project Alicization», is a side character in Amezuki Yotsuba's Sword Art Online Alternative: Spell Blade Online light novel series.

She was one of the 10,000 players trapped within Sword Art Online and was one of the victims in the SAO Incident as it came to be known. During her time as a player, she was rather inexperienced but was skilled enough to survive the death game until June 2025 when Kirin killed the final boss, [[w:c:swordartonline:Heathcliff|]] on the [[w:c:swordartonline:Ruby Palace|]], the 100th Floor.

After recovering from the incident, Hiyori was chosen to be one of the 3,000 beta testers for the newly invented VRMMO, Spell Blade Online. With the successful end of the one-month long beta, the pause in between allowed Hiyori to attempt at the usage of the «[[w:c:swordartonline:Augma|]]» to try out the first-ever ARMMMORPG, «Ordinal Scale».




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Sword Art Online

Spell Blade Online

Project Alicization

Known Equipment

Sword Art Online

Spell Blade Online

Project Alicization=


Sword Art Online

Sword Skills

One-Handed Sword

One-Handed Dagger=

One-Handed Rapier

Spell Blade Online

Sword Skills

One-Handed Sword
One-Handed Dagger
One-Handed Rapier

Magic Spells

Project Alicization




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