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Just explain to me... why am I alive? Why would I keep fighting? Everything is meaningless... If you teach me how to get stronger, then you will be my God, and I will fight for you.
~ Hyriu Kamizono during the beginning of Phoenix Rising Online
Hiryu Kamizono
Personal Info
Real Name Hiryu Kamizono
Kanji カミゾノ 飛龍
Romaji Hiryū Kamizono
Birthday 26 september
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 1,81
Weight 70KG
Occupation Player
Family Hugo Kamizono (Older Brother)
Player Profile
Display Name Seraph's Striker
Epithet Demon's sword.
VR Played Phoenix Rising Online

Sword Art Online

Occupation Swordsman
Affiliation Warlords of the Sacred Blades
Base of Operations Floor 56
Status Alive
Appears In Sword Art Online: Warlords of The End

Hiryu Kamizono is a 17 years old guy and the protagonist Warlords of The End and the Guild Leader of the Warlords of Sacred Blades. He has a trauma with VRMMOs and during a duel in Phoenix Rising Online, he couldn't stand to his real life either. He is calm and holds much of his emotions to himself, and sounds cruel to most persons he know.


Outside the VR

Hiryu looks completely different outside the VRMMOs, with a spiky hair and without his right eye and serious expression. He mostly uses a torn long-sleeved shirt  with a Wolf logo on its back and black paints with white stripes around it. When fighting, he uses his black Kimono costume and an eyepatch to cover his lost eye.

Sword Art Online

In SAO: he have a long, grey hair and uses a white battle suit with a deep blue Neon covering most of his body. He uses a black Skull Mask covering his head and neck to avoid visual contact with Yellow or Red Players. His Battle suit is often hidden on grey coat similar to an imperial one and white stripes on its edges


In total Hiryu already spent almost half an year playing Phoenix Rising Online, a game with the "Resurrection System" - Everytime the player dies, it reappears as a "Fallen Warrior" with even worse stats than a normal Level 1 Player and can feel even more damage than a normal player. Hiryu lost his will to fight many times since he was abandoned on the real world, with only his brother who spend 18 hours on work a day. He already tried to suicide but that was when a friend of his, Serena, decided to help him. With her help, he created the Warlords of Sacred Blades and regained his will to fight. When he stopped playing Phoenix Rising Online, he discovered that his friends including Serena were trapped in a game called Sword Art Online, a game that he managed to play the Beta version but gave up since he considered it as "too easy". After one year of SAO, he decided to go back and save his friends while Hugo take care of his body.


Hiryu is a really lonely teenager who doesn't visit school, rather, he learns everything he need on his home. He doesn't like to befriend persons in any Online game unless he see the person's true identity on real life to avoid being surprised for something he didn't knew later on. He is a brave leader but he thinks himself as lazy and stupid, he don't likes to receive orders and mostly don't care about his superiors.


Seraph's Skysword - Customized version of a Elucidator with very rare Gleam Eyes drops.

Illusionist's gunner - Rifle with the ability to shoot 19 imaginary bullets at the foe's head, paralysing him for 30 minutes.

Smoke Grenade - Regular version, nothing special

Endless Knife - Knife with the Ability similar to an whetstone and can increase a Blade's power temporaily. Pretty weak in a fierce battle.


Skill Slot
Throwing Weapons Agility Hiding Search Detection
800 / 1000
900 / 1000
708 / 1000
700 / 1000
777 / 1000
 Blacksmithing Enchanting Illusion
799 / 1000
399 / 1000
1000 / 1000


  • The Name Hiryu Kamizono was based in two games: The Character "Strider Hiryu" from the Strider series and Dr.Kamizono, Copen's father at "Azure Striker Gunvolt". Hyriu means "Dragon" while Kami would mean "god".
    • His SAO Nickname, "Seraph", is based on the Anime Owari no Seraph
  • Even being a swordsman, Hiryu's favorite type of battle is Boxing. Altough if he shows his Unique Skill to other Players, he might be hunted by other Players and their Guilds so he prefer to use his Seraph's skysword.
  • He is the only SAO Player that joined the game even knowing he would be trapped by his own will.
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