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Hiroto Myoukouin
Personal Info
Name Hiroto Myoukouin
Kanji 明光院 ひろと
Romanji Myōkōin Hiroto
Birthday April 9
Age 18
Gender Male
Height 5'8"
Weight 157 Lb
Eyes Dark red
Hair Silver
Unusual Features Dark red eyes, silver hair
Place of Residence Odaiba, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
Occupation Nexus Cafe Barista/Cashier
Marital Status Single
Family Mother - Alive
Father - Alive
Katsuo Myoukouin - Cousin
Player Profile
Display Name Mikaido
Kanji ミカイド
Romanji Mikaido
Epithet Astray Detective
VRMMORPGs Played Armored Nexus Online
Occupation Mercenary, Detective
Affiliation Astray Detective Agency
Partner Ayame Oharu
Status Alive
Unique Weapon MC-016A Mikoto Astray
MC-016P Mikoto Prototype
Voice Actor Chiaki Kobayashi
First Appearance TBA

Let's count up your sins.
~ Hiroto's usual catchphrase

Hiroto Myoukouin is an Armored Nexus Online Player who acts on his own as the sole member and proprietor of the Astray Detective Agency.



Hiroto's work outfit consists of a white dress-shirt with a red necktie, a black waistcoat, slim-fitting black pants, and red high-top sneakers. He wears a thin red hoodie, a black and red flannel jacket over that, black skinny jeans, and red high-tops.


Hiroto’s avatar shares the same build he has in reality: slim and toned. His avatar wears a black shirt under a pale red dress shirt; a black and red pinstripe necktie; a dark red waistcoat with six angular straps running from the neck down; black trousers; dark grey shin-high combat boots with silver buckles; and his signature dark red jinbaori coat with three tattered coattails, a flared high collar that Hiroto buckles together to cover his mouth, and a black flame pattern running down from the back of the coat to the edges of the coattails.


Like his cousin, Hiroto is an introvert who ignores any rumors or gossip concerning him. While also blunt and straightforward, he's nowhere near as perverted and flirtatious as his cousin Katsuo. They both share a love of music and anime, a strong sense of justice and honor, a fairly dark sense of humor, and a generally relaxed nature. When he was young, he spent a lot of time with a specific group of friends, but the loss of contact with them drove him further into his isolation, to the point where he generally avoids contact with everyone except for a few people. Though not one to normally lose his cool when insulted, Hiroto will intervene if someone else talks bad about another person, even if he doesn’t know any of them. His retaliations can range from a minor insult or full-blown assault, depending on the situation. As a result of his isolated personality, many describe Hiroto as a no-nonsense, "hard-boiled" detective who can make the toughest decision in a desperate situation. With his sense of justice and hard-boiled attitude, Hiroto has proven himself, time and time again, to be a trustworthy and reliable detective. His highly analytical and deductive mind often focuses on the more minute details, often disregarding the more obvious stuff and hyper-focusing on seemingly-unimportant information. He is a bit of a perfectionist, as he spends days and days building model kits, taking all the time he possibly can to make the model as perfect as he can. Despite all of this, Hiroto holds a great deal of empathy, sympathizing with clients and considering other people as people from the case's reference point rather than just another source of information or clues in the investigation.


Hiroto was born and raised to his loving parents. Even from a young age, he always had trouble making friends, which worried his parents. He spent a lot of time with his cousin Katsuo, whom he took a lot of influence from. As Hiroto grew up, he began to open up ever so slightly, forming a small group of people he could call his friends. However, his friends started moving away or stopped talking to him for various reasons, leading Hiroto to close himself off again. He found solace in building model kits and video games, inviting one of his few remaining childhood friends to join in his hobbies. To support his hobby, Hiroto took up a job at a popular nearby cafe, working hard to make the perfect cup of coffee for his customers. Just as he was getting really into VRMMOs and model kits, the reveal of Armored Nexus Online piqued his interest. He followed the game’s pre-release content obsessively, awaiting the day when he’d be able to build his own custom Armor Model and play the game. When ANO launched, Hiroto was among the first few thousand players to immediately log in, having spent months perfecting his Armor Model and the lore he’d put behind it. Following this, Hiroto decided he'd take up a job at one of ANO's Nexus Cafes, seeing no detriments there. He'd have constant access to the game, and he'd be able to print out his equipment to build during his work breaks while happily serving fellow players and model kit enthusiasts.




Armored Nexus Online

Hiroto is a master builder and a skilled warrior. Influenced by Gundams, Kamen Rider, and Ultraman, Hiroto created his unique MC-016A "Mikoto Astray" Armor Model. This armor emphasizes modularity, using its unique Mikoto System to equip separate Core Modules for different situations and purposes. Even without additional weapons and equipment, the Mikoto Astray is a formidable armor, bearing incredible STATUS rankings due to the sheer volume of Lore Hiroto invested into it. Without any equipment, Hiroto fights with a calm, relaxed style that uses whatever's around him to deal as much as possible. He stalks his opponent, casually blocking and dodging attacks before quickly unleashing a fast, brutal counterattack. Normally, Hiroto wields a single "Astray Blade" katana, featuring an Iaido-like style which emphasizes speed and power above all else. He'll change his style to better suit whatever equipment he's using.

As previously mentioned, Hiroto is praised for his impressive skills as a detective. His perception is keen, many praise his leadership skills, his physical stamina and multitasking are above average, and his ability to quickly analyze data and piece things together makes Hiroto a truly incredible detective. Many do criticize him for his lack of communication and lone wolf approach to everything, but they don't argue with the results he gets.

Music Themes

Up - MIYAVI (ID Invaded)

Up - MIYAVI (ID Invaded)

Expect this to be replaced when the full song releases

Finger on the Trigger(平成ベスト RE-EDIT ver

Finger on the Trigger(平成ベスト RE-EDIT ver.)

Finger on the Trigger (acoustic edit

Finger on the Trigger (acoustic edit.)

Nobody’s Perfect Hard Boiled JAZZ Edit

Nobody’s Perfect Hard Boiled JAZZ Edit.

Free your Heat (acoustic edit

Free your Heat (acoustic edit.)

ID INVADED INSERT SONG 12 episode Full song Miyavi - Butterfly

ID INVADED INSERT SONG 12 episode Full song Miyavi - Butterfly

1000 Miles Away

1000 Miles Away


  • Hiroto is inspired by and named after Hiroto Kuga, the protagonist of Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE.
  • He has a smoking habit in-game, using a fictional brand of cigarette that lacks any of the harmful and addictive chemicals normally found in regular cigarettes while also producing a pleasant aroma instead of noxious smoke. He tries not to smoke around others out of common courtesy, and keeps a toothpick or lollipop in his mouth as his real-life substitute.
  • His username is based on the naming scheme of the Brilliant Detectives of ID: Invaded, mixing the "ido" found in each Detective's name with the "Mikoto" he used in his Armor Models.
  • His catchphrase is from Kamen Rider W, even performing the accompanying wrist flick and finger point when saying it.
  • Hiroto is a big fan of jazz and MIYAVI, often playing the Samurai Sessions albums in his office during his downtime. A selection of the tunes he listens to in his office is listed under "Office Vibes" in his music themes section.
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