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Hinata Nonaka
Personal Info
Real Name Hinata Nonaka
Kanji 野中 日向
Romaji Nonaka Hinata
Birthday September 21th, 2030
Age 14
Gender Female
Height 1,51 mts
Weight 41 kg
Occupation Student
Family Kazusa Nonaka (Mother)
Player Profile
Display Name Hinata
Kanji (Display) ヒナタ
Romaji (Display) Hinata
VR Played Endless Utopia Online
Affiliation Humans
Status Alive
Voice Actor Yui Horie
Appears In TBA

Hinata Nonaka is a mid-school student and player of Endless Utopia Online.


Hinata is a young lady with average height for her age. Her straight black hair styled with a hime-cut, with bangs and two straight strands at the side of her face that reach her collarbones. The rest of her hair reaches her mid-back. Her eyes are brown eyes, but in-game she stylized them in violet). Hinata is regarded as very pretty by most people, especially her classmates. She is regarded as a good representation of the Yamato Nadeshiko beauty. Her three sizes are 82-52-83.

In real-life- she wears her school uniform: a white sailor uniform with a black skirt and sailor collar with a blue scarf with black stockings and white shoes. Sometimes, she wears a Miko priestess hakama. On special occasions, she wears a yukata.


Hinata is a calm, serene, gentle, kind and very polite girl. Even when skilled, she has a notable dislike for fighting and competitions. She follows her belief that all fights are just useless struggles. She also does not like hurting people. She fights only when she's pressed into a corner or when she wants to protect somebody. In other cases, she prefers to avoid fighting.

She is also somehow timid and not very talkative since she does not talk to people unless she gets to know them for a while. She is even more shy when it comes to her feelings or when it comes to boys.




Endless Utopia Online

  • Race: Human
  • Aera Type: Manipulation
  • Main Equipment:

Being a new player, Hinata has a decent grasp of Aera. She knows the five Basic Principles of Aera, Shroud, Sense, Null and Release, and also has a good grasp of Enfold.

Being a Human, her natural elemental affinity is Earth.

Being a Manipulator, Hinata has learned to apply her Aera to manipulate paper, using a Tessen fan and confetti as weapons. She is capable of using Enfold to notably increase the shapness and durability of the Tessen fan.


  • Etymology:
    • Hinata (日向) means "place in the sun".
    • Nonaka (野中) means "inside field".
  • Akatsubaki (赤椿) means "Red Camellia", and is taken from the IS Akatsubaki owned by Houki Shinonono.
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