High Frequency Blades are a weapon type in End War Online.


High Frequency Blades are bladed weapons that are reinforced by a powerful alternating electrical current that resonates at extremely high frequencies. This gives the blade extremely high cutting power, as the oscillation weakens the molecular bonds of most substances, allowing the blade to pass through effortlessly. HF Blades can come in many different varieties, as almost any bladed weapon can be converted into one, to varying results. Swords and knives are the most common weapons to incorporate HF modifications, as their straight edges allow for the most efficient type of HF modification. Curved weapons can also be modified, but generally require more powerful HF modifications in order to achieve the same cutting power as straight-edge weapons.

Additionally, certain weapons can facilitate additional modifications as well as HF modifications, such as a plasma edge. These weapons, however, are experimental and have not yet been perfected.

HF weapons are standard weapon types of the Human faction of End War Online, and is used by many players as a viable close ranged option.

HF Archetypes

The HF Archetypes are a series of ten unique High Frequency Blades that have garnered near legendary status from their esoteric and unique designs. Their maker or makers is completely unknown, and each weapon is entirely one-of-a-kind, featuring a unique system that enhances its combat ability. These weapons are considered to be the pinnacle of HF technology, and no weapon made since has been able to match their performance.