This boss, Hell Wraith, is property of Ishimura Elite.

Hell Wraith
Boss Info
Name Hell Wraith
Kanji 地獄レイス
Romanji Jigoku Reisu
Epithet The First Hell
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location 51st floor - Forest Dungeon
Item Drop Hellkarium Shard
Status Killed


Hell Wraith takes the appearance of a large spectral monster dressed in a black cloak. It is semi transparent and glows in a violet-blue aura.


Hell Wraith was encountered by Ishi and Guren in the forest dungeon of the 51st floor as the last boss of the dungeon.


Hell Wraith possesses the ability to be completely invisible to anyone it fights, save for its sword (made of Hellkarium), which will seem to be attacking entirely on its own. The only way to reveal Hell Wraith is to destroy a gem the size of a quarter located on its chest, which is the only thing on it that is visible, although it is so small it will be overlooked by everyone without a sharp eye. Once this is destroyed, Hell Wraith will appear and can then be physically attacked.

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