Hell Hounds is a Guild in End War Online.


The Hell Hounds were founded by Alicia Mitchels as a guild for elite groups that could be deployed anywhere anytime for a price. The Hell Hounds have since put agents in every major city and through a massive web of intrigue always have eyes on the goings down in Eden. The agents are all hand picked based on merit by Alicia and are split into twelve groups of six.

The Hell Hounds Operate on an ethical code to foster trust, as they will not turn around and kill their previous employer the moment their contract is up. they are given a grace period of one week after that they are fair game to whomever they've wronged, this is in the contract that is signed by the employer. Because of the shadier nature of the guild the law enforcement in most areas tend to give them a wide enough berth to operate, as they have Co-operated on multiple occasions to take down dug in forces.


  • Alpha - Actual "Big Red"
    • Handles the FOB and is lead dispatcher
  • Kilo - Nu "Arcanum"
    • Primarily deals with magic dealing threats, counterspelling, as well as investigative exploits.
  • Ghost - 4 "Silent Knives"
    • Covers Stealth, Espionage, and infiltration.
  • Zulu - 1.0 "Flyswatters"
    • Anti Aircraft unit. Deals with anything above ground.
  • Theta - 3 "Mechanix"
    • Services the guild mechanical needs and is their specialized mechanized unit.
  • Tango - V "Swift Silver"
    • Is the political "face" of the guild. Handles the web of intrigue as well as assassinations.
  • Mike - plus "Painkillers"
    • Team Medics. most often outsourced post battle
  • Whiskey - 2 "Hunters"
    • Pursuit Specialist, key in tracking down enemy locations
  • Delta - 6 "Cerberus"
    • General Purpose Squad
  • Sigma - 6 "Orthrus"
    • General Purpose Squad
  • Mobius - Actual "Lightning Strike"
    • Rapid Deployment Drop Shock Troops
  • [REDACTED] - [REDACTED] "R and D"
    • Research and Developement
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