Location Info
Kanji ヘルヘーム
Romaji Heruhēmu
Location [[w:c:swordartonline:Alfheim|]]
Type Dungeon

Helheim is a high-level Dungeon located the north of the Alfheim continent.


Helheim is located on an island, at the north of ALfheim, close to the north pole. It is an underground dungeon. It is ruled by Hela.

Notable Locations

Known Monsters



  • Helheim is a location in Norse Mythology was the home of the dead. It shares many similarities with the christian Hell. Helheim is presided over by a female deity figure known as Hel, and therefore it's name means "World of Hel". According to legend, Helheim was beneath Niflheim, the World of Mist and one of the nine worlds in Norse Mythology.
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