Hel 3-star
Boss Info
Kanji ヘル
Romaji Heru
VRMMORPG ALfheim Online
Quest Return of the Light Quest
Ragnarok Quest
Status Defeated

You sure look like you need someone to look after you. Are you sure you can stand on your own two feet?
~ Hel to an exhausted Kirito

Hel (ヘル, Heru) is the boss monster found in Nifhleim for the Return of the Light sub-quest of Ragnarok.


Hel has ebony black hair and deep red eyes, gifted with a curvy and alluring figure. Apart from the red, gold, and black clothing that she wears, her back is adored with feathery black wings, its wingspan presumed to be twice her own height. Her bangs also cover her left eye, for unknown reasons.

Upon dropping to only half her health, Hel would have a significant change in appearance, her feathered wings becoming resembling that of a dragon's, and her bangs had been swept away, while a crown of pure gold sits atop her head.


Hel was created by the Cardinal system alongside her dungeon, the icy realm of Nifhleim for the Grand Quest, Ragnarok. She was based from the Nordic goddess of the same name, who rules over the realm of Hel, where she takes governance of the dead that are not allowed in Valhalla.

Like Thrym, Thor, and Bealdor, Hel possesses an intelligence greater than that of a regular AI, as her responses may vary depending on the situation, and her level of intelligence makes her a different enemy to defeat.


Sword Art Online: Project Ragnarok

While Gwenhwyfar's party made another attempt to defeat Surtr and clear Muspelheim, Kirito and his party made their way to the icy world of Nifhleim to clear it. After reaching the final floor, they came into terms with Hel, engaging in a battle and eventually gaining a hard-earned victory.


Hel is capable of summoning spirits to aid her in the battlefield, which can only be defeated through the use of magic spells, illusion spells being the most effective.

When Hel's HP had been halved, she would call forth the power of the dead and infuse herself with it, rendering her stronger.

  • Pace of Allure - Hel charges at her enemy with seductive grace, stunning the target while dealing Dark DMG.
  • Wrath of One Hundred Ghosts - Hel uses the despairing power of a hundred ghosts to execute a powerful kick, dealing massive Dark DMG while decreasing their DEF.
  • Kiss of Nightmare - Hel's kiss draws upon the mysterious power of the shadows, dealing Dark DMG to targets within range and increasing CRIT and CRIT Rate of allies nearby.
  • Hel's Despair - Hel assaults the enemy with a barrage of deadly kicks, dealing Dark DMG and decreasing the target's DEF.
  • Hel's Misery - Hel assaults the enemy with a barrage of deadly kicks, dealing Dark DMG and decreasing the target's EVA.
  • Hel's Agony - Hel assaults the enemy with a barrage of deadly kicks, dealing Dark DMG and dealing additional damage per second.

Item Drops

  • Bealdor's Soul - The soul of the God of Light, Bealdor

Known Challengers

  • Kirito's party - successful
    • Kirito
    • Asuna
    • Leafa
    • Sinon
    • Klein
    • Lisbeth
    • Silica



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