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Personal Info
Name Ritsuko Araki
Kanji アラキ リツコ
Romanji Araki Ritsuko
Birthday July 21, 2052
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 167.64 cm
Weight 47 kg
Eyes Hot Pink (almost red)
Hair Black
Player Profile
Display Name Hecate
Kanji ヘカト
Romanji hekato
VRMMORPGs Played Evoked Legends Online
Occupation Watcher
Affiliation The Watchers
Unique Weapon Cerisea

 Araki Ritsuko, or Hecate, is a player of Evoked Legends Online


Hecate wears her hair down with two wavy twintails.  She also has a pair of hot pink horns on her head.  She wears a white sleeveless top attached to a white choker with a hot pink orb in the middle.  On the top, there are black and pink strings lacing down the middle.  Under that, she wears a hot pink frilly miniskirt over black tights and knee high black high-heeled boots.  She also has a pair of hot pink demon wings at her back.  On her arms are elbow-length pink gloves.  In battle she wears her orb launcher gauntlets over the gloves.


Hecate is normally friendly and loud.  She is very imaginative and can think her way out of many situations.  She is also very jumpy however, and and can be scared quite easily. She is scared of some animals, quite irrationally, like dogs, but loves cats and has one of her own.


As a young girl, Hecate immersed herself in legends and myths and stories. They intrigued her, and she wished that the fantasy world was real. She especially found an interest in Greek and Roman mythology. The fights and the tales of the gods and goddesses were in her mind frequently. She bought Evoked Legends Online hoping she would be able to find another hobby, since she couldn't find any more books to read. She wanted to choose the Beastial race, due to her love for her cat, but the page before it lagged and she accidentally pressed the 'random' button, and she was left with the Succubus race.

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