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Haru Yamamoto




Personal Info
Name Yamamoto Haru
Kanji 山本はる
Romanji Yamamoto Haru
Birthday August 16
Age 16
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Weight 127lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Place of Residence Shibuya, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
Family [REDACTED] - Father
[REDACTED] - Mother
Player Profile
Display Name Haru
Kanji はる
Romanji Haru
Epithet Frigid Ghost
VRMMORPGs Played End War Online
Occupation Mercenary
Bounty Hunter
Affiliation None
Partner Sento Kasai
Tokime Suginami (Occasionally)
Base of Operations Crimson Rain Services
Status Alive
Unique Weapon Frostbite
Dual Piercer
Voice Actor Kaho Takeda
First Appearance End War Online: United Souls

This may be a video game, but it sure is fun to get lost in this world~!
~ Haru Yamamoto

Haru Yamamoto is the daughter of [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. She is a Demon hybrid in End War Online. Currently, Haru works alongside Sento Kasai in EWO, and they take bounties on together, occasionally working solo. She's set to appear in End War Online: United Souls.


In-game, Haru wears a white blouse with two coattail-like extensions on the back and the first few buttons unbuttoned; a leather harness with underarm holsters over a blue duster coat with padded shoulders in a light blue; and dark grey short-shorts over grey leggings with knee-high leather boots. As far as accessories go, Haru wears black, fingerless, leather gloves and a chain necklace with a blue gem pendant. She carries her Frostbite Katana in her hand, putting it behind her waist when she needs both hands for something, and her Blizzard rifle is kept on an adjustable sling. Her Avalanche pistols are held in the underarm holsters connected to her harness, and her Hailstone SMGs on thigh holsters.

Initially, Haru wore a white button-up t-shirt with the top buttons left unbuttoned; a pale blue coat with two coattails and the sleeves rolled up; a black, sleeveless vest with a hood zipped up just enough to show off the unbuttoned portion of her shirt; pale blue leggings with holsters for her pistols; a pair of dark-colored short shorts; heeled, knee-high boots; a magazine pouch behind her waist; a strap of sniper bullets on her left upper arm; and a harness under the coat and over the vest for her rifle and/or sword. Her necklace is now replaced with the [REDACTED].

Her [REDACTED] ARM provides her with a skin-tight armor that matches her natural musculature and accentuates her figure. This cyan armor features black striping and cracked details throughout, and her coat transforms into a four-tailed coat that can unfurl into demonic wings for limited gliding. Her arm integrates her sword sheath on a moving joint; the armor plating is a bit on the heavy side for defensive options if desired. A purple, demon wing-themed muffler flowing from her back as well. Her mask show slits for her eyes and a demon-like design on it; demonic horns included. Unlike Sento, her armor doesn't gain minute details exclusive to the use of an additional ARM.

Using this ARM, Haru's armor takes on a black with green detail with slimmer, lighter armor plating. Her arm-integrated sheath remains on her armor, and her demon wing-scarves have become demon wings poised in position behind her. In this form, her coat doesn't flow through the armor, as her scarves have taken on a wing form and replace the coat tails.



IRL, Haru wears the normal uniform for her school, which is a white button-up t-shirt, a light blue bow-tie, a black and red plaid skirt, black stockings, black dress shoes, and the optional black blazer. If she's not in her school uniform, then she's wearing a dark blue skirt, a white blouse, a black-and-blue flannel hoodie over her blouse, a dark blue denim jacket tied around her waist, black stockings, and high-top sneakers in sky blue. Accessories include a replica of her in-game necklace, and a silver ring worn on her right middle finger with blue, wave-like engravings in it.


Real Life

Haru was born to [REDACTED]. They both lived a happy life, and Haru was a very good and sweet little girl. Due to their parents' closeness, Haru and Sento would spend a lot of time together when their parents met at [UNKNOWN] to talk and catch up with one another. This closeness continued for years to come, becoming especially prevalent in school where the two would try to stick as close together as possible, with the addition of another girl who happened to work at an airsoft shop that the two visited once. Eventually, they each received a RiftGear and a copy of End War Online.

End War Online

Upon joining the game, Haru was given a Demon Hybrid avatar as it best suited Haru. Afterwards, Haru began a similar training regimen to Sento, asking various top-level mercenaries and bounty hunters to take her as an apprentice of sorts so she could compile these techniques into her own fighting style. While it primarily uses her Frostbite katana, her fighting style freely incorporates her Avalanche pistols and using sniping targets with her Blizzard rifle. Normally, she uses stealth tactics and acts as a sniper, opposing Sento's up-close and wild nature.


Unlike her close friend, Haru is more laid-back and care-free. Much like her mother, she's a quiet and submissive girl, though not as shy as her. Because Haru and Sento grew up rather close, she did take after his persistent aspects. Just like her mother, Haru is a really sweet and kind girl, but she is prone to fits of anger if provoked enough. However, that rarely tends to happen, as opposed to Sento's rather short temper. Since Haru's weapons are more precise and tactical than Sento, she uses her weapons in quick strikes or firing at known weak points and ending it all quickly and quietly. Her motto is much like a real sniper: one shot, one kill. Like her mother, Haru can become apathetic and serious to the point of caring about almost nothing, which actually comes from her being taught this by her mother. Though, just like her father, she's usually laid back and care-free, and inherited his spontaneous thinking, generally forgiving nature, and sense of humor. However, Haru isn't as forgiving as her father, and can hold a grudge, though it may not last long.

In an ironic twist, Haru most commonly acts very innocent and pretends to know almost nothing about lewd acts. When it comes to immodest things, Haru tends to shrug it off and play innocent, but she is full aware of such acts and would like to try it out for someone some day. In reality, Haru tends to save those immodest things for Sento, since he's the only person she trusts enough with these types of things, though Sento tends to be flustered by these acts. Her bond with Sento is so great that when he isn't around, she often feels lonely and uncomfortable, especially in real life situations where boys may be asking her out.


End War Online

  • Faction - Human - Demon Hybrid
  • Occupation - Mercenary/Bounty Hunter
  • Main Equipment:
    • Frostbite
    • Avalanche
    • Hailstone
    • Blizzard

Haru's specialty is sniping, where her patience can persist for days on end and her focus will never waver. In addition, she's trained in various stealth infiltration techniques, silently executing targets from afar or up close if needed. To top it off, she is also skilled with swords, wielding her Frostbite katana in focused, controlled strikes with purpose and immense focus behind every swing. Haru isn't afraid to use firearms in combat, occasionally pairing one of her sword strikes with a shot from her Avalanche pistols or raining a barrage of bullets from her Hailstone sub-machine guns as a distraction for her next slash. Since Frostbite is a Soul Catalyst, Haru is able to infuse Anima into it, giving her sword a colder, deadlier edge. Her guns are Soul Catalysts also capable of Anima Infusion, though this technique is often unused since they increase the noise produced from shots fired. Her style of fighting is almost the polar opposite of Sento's. While he hits hard, fast, and wildly, she fights with precision, concentration, and manipulation. She lures her opponent into a strategical disadvantage before seizing the opportunity to quickly execute them. Haru also makes extensive use of parrying, slowly whittling away at the enemy's posture before executing them with Frostbite.

Haru uses a customized Kawasaki Ninja H2R motorcycle as in-game transport only, since Sento is willing to give her a ride on his own bike IRL. Her bike sports a navy blue color scheme and several performance upgrades, featuring a reinforced frame and retuned engine, though it's nowhere near as extensively upgraded as Sento's own bike. For obvious safety purposes, she wears a black and blue full-faced helmet with Bluetooth headphones for communication and/or listening to music while riding in-game.

Music Themes

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean OST Main Theme ~ Jolyne's Theme (Fan-Made)

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean OST Main Theme ~ Jolyne's Theme (Fan-Made)

Kamen rider Build Ready Go Rom Eng

Kamen rider Build Ready Go Rom Eng


  • Haru was created with the bulk of her profile at 4:20AM PST.
  • Her three sizes in centimeters are [B-96, W-68, H-82].
  • Haru has an ice motif, where as Sento can be linked to a fire motif.
  • Her name comes from the character Haru Miura from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Her last name comes from Takeshi Yamamoto of the same anime.
  • Haru's voice actress, Kaho Takeda, is the actress for Misora Isurugi on Kamen Rider Build, who is the namesake of one of Haru's Avalanche pistols.
  • Like Sento, Haru adores cats and wants to own one. She does also enjoy the company of rabbits, but her adoration of cats is greater.
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