The HF Archetypes are a group of unique high frequency blades crafted by an unknown individual. They are all incredibly unique and powerful weapons that have garnered legendary status for their one-of-a-kind designs and unique abilities.


The HF Archetypes are a set of 10 unique high frequency blades, each entirely unique from each other and bearing unique abilities that enhance their already superb performance. It is unknown who created them and for what purpose, however it is known that they were indeed most likely crafted by a single individual, as each bears the same insignia on the blades.

The Archetypes

The HF Archetypes are listed in order of creation by number.

Type 0: Caliber

The first HF Archetype, named Caliber. It is designed as a gunblade, and features the Burst System.

Type 1


Type 2: Vengeance

The third HF Archetype, named Vengeance. It is designed as a scythe, and features the Reaper System.

Type 3: Rend

The fourth HF Archetype, named Rend. It is designed as a greatsword, and features the Crusher System.

Type 4: Division

The fifth HF Archetype, named Division. Is is designed as a large machete, and features the Segmental System.

Type 5


Type 6: Arc

The seventh HF Archetype, named Arc. It is designed as a pair of twin longswords, and features the Formation System.

Type 7: Spiral

The eighth HF Archetype, named Spiral. It is designed as a bladed throwing weapon, and features the Screech System.

Type 8: Caucasus

The ninth HF Archetype, named Caucasus. It is designed as a pair of clawed gauntlets, and features the Polarity System.

Type 9: Virtue

The tenth HF Archetype, named Virtue. It is designed as an HF katana, and features the Exceed System.

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