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Knights of the Blood
KoB symbol
Guild Info
Kanji 血盟騎士団
Romaji Ketsumei Kishidan
VRMMORPG [[w:c:swordartonline:Sword Art Online|]]
Founder [[w:c:swordartonline:Heathcliff|]]
Focus Clearing guild
Base of Operations 55th Floor, Granzam
Status Active

*Note: Introduction goes here. Include your Guild's name, its focus, and its founder's name.

  • The Clearing guild focus claims that this Guild aims to clear the game, and its members are high-leveled enough to sustain themselves on the front line.
  • The Policing guild focus claims that this Guild aims to preserve peace and serves as mediators between players. They may or may not engage in anti-PK activities. Its members can be of any level range.
  • The Craftsman guild focus claims that this Guild if mainly composed of smiths, chefs, and other support-class players, and mainly does not participate in combat activites.
  • The Information guild focus designates this Guild as outside of both combat and noncombat activities, but is comprised of players with high-Agility stats to supplement as spies and or messengers.
  • The Criminal/Killing guild is technically not classified as a "Guild" due to their excessive criminal activity (the system denies their Guild status). However, this Guild engages in various criminal exercise, including the various forms of [[w:c:swordartonline:Player Killing|]], robbery, and other activity.


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(Series Title)

*Note: A detailed chronicle of the path your Guild has taken. What quests have they been on? Have they participated in front-line boss battles? Have they lost any members, or gained any? Has its guild members done anything together in reality?


*Note: Detail your Guild's base, its appearance, location, and any other relevant information.

Known Members

*Note: A simple list of known member's names, both past and present. Be sure to denote the high ranking members of the group, and the activeness of each player (Active, inactive, left, banished, deceased).

Notable Achievements

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