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The Guardians of Darkness is a guild in SAO. They are the primary enemy of Pendragon Court.
Guardians of Darkness
Guild Info
Name Guardians of Darkness
Kanji 闇のガーディアン
Romanji Yami no Gādian
VRMMORPGs Sword Art Online
Members Kamui
Main Focus Finding and controlling Skeith
Take the Game Master's place in controlling Aincrad
Conquering Aincrad(while Hao was leader)
Status Disbanded


The Guardians of Darkness is a guild that was formed specifically for the purpose of finding and controlling Skeith, formed soon after its discovery by a player named Kamui. They plan to use it to both kill the Game Master and take his place in controlling Aincrad.

Almost nothing is known about the guild, and they tend to work in secrecy, keeping out of the public eye. They are only known to Pendragon Court and a few other select individuals or groups.

The Guardians of Darkness are known to work with the Laughing Coffin guild, but even still, only superior members of the guild know about their collaborations.

Known Members

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