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Personal Info
Name Grimm Callahan
Kanji キャラハングリム
Birthday Unknown
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Weight 135 lbs
Eyes Black
Hair White
Family Emily - Little Sister

Archer - Brother
Hans - Brother
Jack Callahan - Son

Player Profile
Display Name Grimm
Kanji グリム
Romanji Gurimu
Epithet Grim Reaper

The Reaper

VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Occupation Reaper
Affiliation Reapers
Status Alive
Unique Skill Death Scythe
Unique Weapon Cornix



I'll make a safe world for her... I don't care about anything else.
~ Grimm

Grimm was a powerful player of Sword Art Online, and was the last Reaper


Grimm wears a black hooded cloak with white trim and hem over his entire outfit with a metal guardplate over his left shoulder, although he usually keeps the hood down. Underneath he wears black combat shoes, black pants and a black shirt with white accents.


Mysterious and introverted, Grimm barely makes contact with anyone and is rarely seen anywhere. He is quiet, preferring only to talk when necessary. He believes in his own personal fight for justice, making it a personal vendetta to rid the game of all player killers, essentially making him a Player Killer Killer (PKK).

Towards those he cares about, espeically his younger sister, Emily, he is very kind and compassionate, willing to do anything for their safety, going so far as to kill others to keep them safe.



Grimm is very close to his little sister Emily, much moreso than either Hans or Archer. Emily became attached to Grimm after the death of their parents, when Grimm promised that he'd always protect her no matter what. The two are very close and spend a lot of time together. Grimm makes sure to keep Emily away from the darker side of the world, and also does not tell her about him being a player killer, nor the fact that the Reapers were a PKK guild.


Grimm is renown across Aincrad as an extremely deadly player rivaling even Yamato and Ishi. He is extremely skilled with his personal weapon, Corvus, wielding it with deadly skill and precision, capable of cutting down most opponents in just a few decisive blows. His signature skill, Death Scythe, allows him to kill any player or NPC instantly with one single strike, even if the wound would not be fatal without it, completely ignoring all variables that would protect the player The tradeoff is that while it allows Grimm to instantly defeat any player, it can also be a death sentence for himself, as the skill leaves him with just 4 HP remaining instantly.


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