The Grand Archives of Amethyll was an ancient Rythulian site and eventual city that existed before The First Void Insurrection.


Amethyll was created as a massive library constructed in an isolated and unknown reach of Eden, meant to house all of the Rythulian's knowledge of the Soul Arts and the world in order to archive them for future generations. It was the longest lasting and largest Rythulian structure known, and existed for many hundreds of years. Eventually, a city was built around the library in order to provide a central hub for all Rythulians to congregate and study or share their knowledge, as well as to further protect it from outside forces. The library was almost a holy site for all Rythulians, and the scholars residing there were revered and honored in their culture, with many others flocking to the city in order to learn and perhaps become an Amethyll Scholar, the most prestigious rank a Rythulian could hold. Only Rythulians knew of the location of the library, and all were forbidden from revealing its location in order to protect it and the wealth of knowledge held therein.


During the events of The First Void Insurrection, Amethyll was under great threat from Void, as well as the Void AvatarCyratel. Fortunately, Amethyll survived the event. However, during the Nephilim Purge, the library suddenly disappeared from history, as if simply erased, with no written records of the event being recorded from any Rythulian. The location of the library was not passed on from that point forth, resulting in Amethyll's location being forever lost.

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