Genesis is an angel and demons based VRMMORPG.


There are three different races to choose from:

  • Humans

Example of Genesis avatar

  • Demons
  • Angels

Angels are obviously recognized by their feathery wings. They have no weapons, but attack with magic. The only weapon they may use are a shield, bow and/or sword. Normally defensive in their tactics.

Demons are recognized from their bat-like wings. In terms of weapons, they use modern guns that can kill anything with Nephilitics. Mainly offensive in their tactics.

Humans are recognized from having mechanical man-made wings. The only weapons they can use to kill a supernatural are with knives stained with qeres, a substance that cannot hurt humans, but Nephilics. Normal guns can disable Nephilitics as a strategy. They have a stronger bond with demons, as demons can grant most lusts for mankind. In their tactics, they wait for a demon-angel conflict and plunge in soon after.

There is only one random race that the system can choose for you:

  • Nephilim

Nephilim are known to have been extinct since the flood. This is why the chances of becoming one are rare. You can hold any weapon, and can use magic. They are recognized by having one angel wing and one demon. 



Skills vary. Any skill can be used by any race. However, the way they use their skills are all different.(Example: Angels may teleport in a blinding flash while humans use technology to teleport themselves.


Everything normally takes place on Earth, the human domain. There will be special events that will allow you to infiltrate the angel and demon domains.

Other gameplay experiences will soon be added.


Your health depends on your level. 

The pain emitter is at 10, so the pain you feel in reality will feel almost alike in the game.

Ethics Code Off

Like Sword Art Online, you have the ability to have sexual intercourse in the game by selecting "Ethics Code Off" in your browsing menu. The game is restricted for 17+. Exceptions are available if you contact the administrators and convinve them that you are mature enough to handle this game.

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