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Gelbin Mekka
Personal Info
Gender Male
Player Profile
Display Name Gelbin
Kanji ゲルブ
Romanji Geruba
VRMMORPGs Played ALfheim Online
Occupation Lord
Status Active
Primary Skill Hammer
Gelbin (ゲルブ, Geruba) is the Lord of the Gnome race and a strong fighter. He was elected as the leader of the Gnome race through a contest of strength. Weilding a large hammer, Geblin prefers to use brute force instead of strategy.


Gelbin originally lead the lancer squad but became the Lord when he participated in an open contest of strength and won.


A powerful leader, Gelbin spends little of his time in politics and most of his time in battle.  Through his leadership, his race has been able to flourish, despite not having any main exports. Associates with Imps and Salamanders, although no official alliance has been made.


Fairy Dance Arc

In ALO, Gelbin was organizing his forces in secret to make an attempt on the World Tree.  However, Kirito ended the game before the race could reach the tree.

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