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The Gale Rangers are an elite special operations group that act as law enforcement within the Human Faction of End War Online. As well as operating within the Human Faction, the Gale Rangers frequently engage in outside excursions against the Angel and Demon Factions.
Gale Rangers
Guild Info
Kanji ゲイルレンジャーズ
Romanji Geirurenjāzu
VRMMORPGs End War Online
Founder Sarah Graham
Main Focus Law Enforcement

Special Operations

Allies Maverick
Status Active


What most people don't know is that the Gale Rangers are actually a subsidiary of the Renskr military. It was formed by the military to act as reinforcement to the regular police force as crime rates started to rise. The Rangers were tasked with assisting local police with this problem, and soon brought crime rates down to acceptable levels. The Gale Rangers now act as a force between police and military, conducting operations within both levels.

Relationship with Maverick

The Gale Rangers are known to have a mutually beneficial relationship with Maverick, with the two groups oftentimes conducting missions together, whether it be within the police or military. In fact, the Renskr military regulates Maverick's activities through the Rangers, though with Maverick being the type of guild it is, some disputes can arise, though Maverick is usually careful to keep within their limits in conducting business.

During their efforts against the AEP, Maverick joined the Renskr Military as a subsidiary of the Gale Rangers.

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