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Just a guy who is an Avatar and a Hero for fun.
~ Floyd Larr
Floyd Larr






Personal Info
Real Name Floyd Larr
Kanji フロイドラー
Romaji Furoidorā

occupation = Student

Birthday April 10
Age 15(Joining SAO)


Gender Male
Height 169 cm
Weight 70.3 kg
Family Unnamed Father(Deceased)
Unnamed Mother(Deceased)
Bruce Larr(In-game adoptive son)
Player Profile
Display Name Deathshot
Dragon Eye
Dragon Ninja
Kanji (Display) デッドショット
Romaji (Display) Deddoshotto
Epithet Dragon of Assassin("アサシンのドラゴン, Asashin no Doragon")
Dragon of Ninja(忍者の竜, Ninja no ryū)
Dragon of the Fairy(妖精のドラゴン, Yōsei no Doragon)
The Final Dragon Ninja(ファイナルドラゴン忍者, Fainaru Doragon'ninja)
VR Played Sword Art Online
New ALfheim Online
Gun Gale Online
ALO Race Salamander
Occupation {{{2}}}
Status Alive
Voice Actor Tetsuya Kakihara(Japanese)
Micah Solusod(English)

Floyd Larr (フロイドラー)was the famous weapon master and Gun master from the Gun Gale Online, the Ninja from the Sword Art Online and a Dragon Fairy Prince from the New ALfheim Online, he has friends but he wants to be alone by now. He was an undefeated player who cares about protecting his friends and wins to save all of them to cost his life.


In Real Life, Floyd Larr was the nice person who cares about his friends and family only for the SAO and sometimes he's not good for making good friends and also not the type to make friends because he doesn't have time for parties. All he wants to do is just having a normal life. He sometimes has a bad habit of taking off his clothes except for his pants and he's an indifferent person for his personality. When 8 years old, he feared and scared of going to die and going to be killed by the murder who murders his parents. After running he found his best friend outside and that made Floyd very happy but inside of his soul is fear.

In SAO, when he first played it he was just a normal person and still an indifferent personality, he's a nice person for everyone in the game, he's also a strict one when people think that they are better than the best players in the SAO. He's also a different person when he controls his fear from the first game, he's an indifferent person he doesn't care that someone from the game who wants to challenge him he only defeated them with a single headshot and eliminated them with only one strike of the katana.


In real life, Floyd Larr is the most prominent feature is his spiky black-colored hair. He has dark blue eyes, and his body is toned and muscular. He's has a scar on his forehead above his left eye and also a cross scar on his lower abdomen and wears an Excalibur necklace and a bird tattoo on his right side of the pectoral muscles.

In Sword Art Online, his Beta avatar is a Black Ninja suit covered in armor chest and shoulder plates on his ninja suit and wears a helmet looking ninja mask for his protection. After his ninja suit was damaged he formed a new suit that is the symbol of the Dragons.

In OS, Floyd wears a sleeveless ninja suit, has a Dragon protective gear armor on his arms and shoulder, has leather gloves a hand to his elbows, Dragon claw-like brace on his knuckles, wears metal bands on the forehead, and a green shredded scarf.

In New Alfheim Online, his avatar wears a prince like a suit, elf ears, wears a prince crown on his forehead, has armor on his shoulder, and wears a dragon claw-like fingers. He always has a pet dragon for his company when somebody is in trouble.

Meanwhile, in Gun Gale Online, Floyd is wearing an Assassin suit full of armor for protection, wears a helmet looking mask with a Cybernetic eye patch and Laser eye patch, and A Wrist Gun.



Floyd Larr has been beaten up pretty bad

Floyd was born on April 10, 2008. When he was 8, his parents were murdered in front of him after they went to the movies and play the arcade. He felt so scared that he ran off by himself. When he was 10, he saw his best friend beat up by bullies and Floyd attacked them and beat them After his victory, his best friend asked him to live with him as a roommate. At age 15, he lived with his best friend but his friend decided to go on the 10-year vacation to see his relatives.




Sword Art Online

  • Level:100(Dragon Eye)
  • Level:500(Dragon Ninja)
  • HP:500000(Dragon Eye)
  • HP:900000(Dragon Ninja)

Main Equipment

Dragon Eye:

Dragon Ninja:

  • Dragon King Katana


SAO Skills Slot
One-Handed Katana Martial Arts Stealth Parry Shuriken Throw
998 / 1000
750 / 1000
Battle Healing Weapon Dodge Hiding Sprint First Aid
999 / 1000
995 / 1000
100 / 1000
Fishing Extended Weight Limit Dragon Force
500 / 1000
800 / 1000
Dragon Eye:

Dragon Eye Katana

  • Dragon Slayer
  • Dragon Slayer Lotus
  • Dragon Slayer Stream
  • Dragon Slayer Flame Lotus

Dragon Slayer Secret Art Hidden Flames:

  • Flame Lotus: Fire Dragon Crimson Lotus
  • Flame Lotus: Fire Dragon Raging Flames
  • Flame Lotus: Exploding Crimson Slayer
  • Flame Lotus: Inferno Dragon Lotus

Element and Fire Dragon Combined Secret Art:

Dragon Ninja(OS):

  • Fire Dragon Slayer
  • Fire Dragon Stream
  • Fire Dragon Inferno Slayer

Dragon Slayer Secret Art Hidden Dragon Form:

  • Flame Lotus: Phoenix Dragon Slayer Lotus
  • Flame Lotus: Phoenix Dragon Sword Blade

New ALfheim Online

  • Level:500
  • HP:100000

Main Equipment:


ALO Skills Slot
One-handed Sword Blade Throwing Regeneration Two-handed Sword Parry
808 / 1000
950 / 1000
890 / 1000
Sprint Martial Arts Combine Sword First-Aid Battling Healing
999 / 1000
609 / 1000
950 / 1000
Fishing Hiding Searching Dragon Senses
400 / 1000
759 / 1000
988 / 1000
Holy Dragon Excalibur:
  • Heavens Wheel of Dragons
  • Holy Dragon Nova
  • Heavens Holy Dragon Nova

Cyber Dragon Excalibur:

  • Cyber Dragon Blade Twister
  • Cyber Dragon Blade Strike
  • Cyber Dragon Sins
  • Cyber Dragon Spikes

Holy Cyber Dragon Excalibur:

Two Dragon Blades: Holy and Cyborg Secret Art:

  • Seven Dragon Blade Dance
  • Seven Dragons Blade Dance Flame Version
  • Seven Dragon Blades Excalibur Dance

Gun Gale Online

  • Level:900
  • HP:200000

Main Equipment:


  • Bullet Deflect
  • Lock on
  • Thousand Dragon Frenzy
  • Light Dragon Lotus
  • Blind Headshot


Floyd Larr theme

Deathshot Theme

Dragon of Assassin

Dragon Eye Theme

Ninja of Dragons

Dragon Ninja theme

The Legendary Ninja Return

Gabes Theme

Dragon of Fairy's

Strong Bonds of Friendship

Floyd the Dragon

Floyd the Dragon Returns

Dragon Souls Fight Back

Dragon Soul

Floyd vs Ken

Sword of Dragon

Floyd and Ken Team-up

Floyd vs Ken Training

Floyd(Dragon Ninja) vs Epigonos

Dragon Vs Demon

Floyd Skills: Flame Lotus: Fire Dragon Crimson Lotus

Floyd Skills: Flame Lotus: Fire Dragon Raging Flames

Floyd Skills: Flame Lotus: Inferno Dragon Lotus

Floyd Skills: Flame Lotus: Lighting Fire Dragon Slayer Lotus

Dragon Ninja Skills: Phoenix Dragon Slayer Lotus