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Just a guy who is an Avatar and a Hero for fun.
~ Floyd Larr
Floyd Larr

Draco GGO

Draco SAO




Ryu Hayabusa DOA5 (1)

Personal Info
Real Name Floyd Larr
Kanji フロイドラー
Romaji Furoidorā
Birthday April 10
Age 15(Joining SAO)
17(End of Aincrad, Fairy Dance Arc)
19(Phantom Bullet Arc, Alicization Arc)
Gender Male
Height 175 cm
Weight 75 kg
Occupation High School Student
Part-Time Tester for Rath
Family Unnamed Father(Deceased)
Unnamed Mother(Deceased)
Drago Orochi(Foster Father, Master)
Sakura Fukui(In Game Wife, Girlfriend)
Player Profile
Display Name Draco
Kanji (Display) ドラコ
Romaji (Display) Dorako
Epithet Dragon Swordsman(ドラゴンソードマン, Doragonsōdoman)
Fire Dragon of Purgatory(煉獄の火竜, Rengoku no hiryū)
Fire Dragon of Friendship(友情の火竜, Yūjō no hiryū)
Dragon Ninja(ドラゴン忍者, Doragon'ninja)
VR Played Sword Art Online
New ALfheim Online
Gun Gale Online
Ordinal Scale
Project Alicization
ALO Race Salamander
Occupation Swordsman
Master Ninja
Affiliation Solo Player
Knights of the Blood
Ken Yukimura(Comrade)
Status Alive
Voice Actor Testsuya Kakihara(Japanese)
Micah Solusod(English)

Floyd Larr (フロイドラー)is the main protagonist from Sword Art Online who gain the ability of Dragons and Friendship, He's an Assassin from the Gun Gale Online, Swordsman from the Sword Art Online, a Prince from the New ALfheim Online, and a Ninja from Ordinal Scale who has the power and the soul of a dragon to protect his friends from Bosses and Villians.


In Real Life, Floyd Larr was an indifferent person but he's a calm, mature, intelligent, and kind individual. He has shown a cheerful side, as he often smiles when pleased, or when his friends are happy but he was disgusted and annoyed when someone is better than anyone.

In SAO, when he first played SAO, He a laid-back, kind and easygoing person who has great interest and the utmost faith, He is rather oblivious and doesn't pay much attention to his surroundings.


In real life, Floyd Larr is the most prominent feature is his spiky black-colored hair. He has dark blue eyes, and his body is toned and muscular. He's has a scar on his forehead above his left eye and also a cross scar on his lower abdomen and wears an Excalibur necklace and a bird tattoo on his right side of the pectoral muscles.

In Sword Art Online, Floyd wears a Red Knight Suit covered with Dragon Armor, Dragon Wrist Armor, and the helmet is a Dragon-Like with a Dragon Crest and the Dragon Symbol on the Knight Helmet.

In New Alfheim Online, his avatar wears a prince suit, elf ears, wears a prince crown on his forehead, has armor on his shoulder, and wears a dragon claw-like fingers. He also has a pet dragon

In Gun Gale Online, Floyd is wearing an Assassin suit full of armor for protection, wears a helmet looking mask with a Cybernetic and Laser eye patch, and A Wrist Gun on his wrist.

In OS, Floyd wears a sleeveless ninja jumpsuit, has a Dragon protective gear armor on his arms and shoulder, has leather gloves a hand to his elbows, Dragon claw-like brace on his knuckles, wears metal bands on the forehead, and a green shredded scarf.

In Project Alicization, Floyd is wearing a black or dark-grey, sleeveless, skin-tight jumpsuit with minor padding and straps toward the sides; kunai on the leg(s); arm and shin guards; fingerless gloves; hood and scarf obscuring most of the face; forehead protector bearing the insignia of a peregrine falcon and tabi boots.



Floyd Larr has been beaten up pretty bad

Floyd was born on April 10, 2008. When he was 8, his parents were murdered after they went to the movies and play the arcade before nighttime. He started to felt very scared that he will also get killed but unfortunately the police came right on time but the stranger ran off leaving Floyd Larr alone. When he was 10, he saw his best friend beat up by bullies and Floyd attacked them and beat them up for mess with his best friend. After his victory, he has a scars above his left eye and lower abdominal during the battle against the bullies, his best friend came to him and asked him if he's ok or not and after the conversation he asked Floyd to live with him as a roommate and he said "Yes" and they became roommates for 5 years after the incident from Floyd became homeless and his best friend being beaten up by the bullies.


Sword Art Online

  • Level:100(SAO)
  • Level:500(OS)
  • HP:500000
  • HP:900000

Main Equipment




SAO Skills Slot
One-Handed Katana Martial Arts Stealth Parry Dual Katana
998 / 1000
750 / 1000
Battle Healing Weapon Dodge Hiding Sprint First Aid
999 / 1000
995 / 1000
100 / 1000
Fishing Extended Weight Limit Dragon Force
500 / 1000
800 / 1000
Dragon Eye Katana:
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Dragon Slayer Lotus
  • Dragon Slayer Stream
  • Dragon Slayer Flame Lotus

Dragon Slayer Secret Art Hidden Flames(SAO):

  • Sword Skills: Fire Dragon Exploding Crimson Lotus
  • Sword Skills: Fire Dragon Exploding Raging Flames
  • Sword Skills: Fire Dragon Exploding Crimson Slayer
  • Sword Skills: Fire Dragon Inferno Dragon Lotus

Dragon King Katana:

  • Fire Dragon Slayer
  • Fire Dragon Stream
  • Fire Dragon Inferno Slayer

Dragon Slayer Secret Art Hidden Dragon Form(OS):

  • Dragon Sword Skills: Phoneix Dragon Slayer
  • Dragon Sword Skills: Phoneix Exceed X

New ALfheim Online

  • Level:500
  • HP:100000
  • Mana:75

Main Equipment:


ALO Skills Slot
One-handed Sword Blade Throwing Regeneration Two-handed Sword Parry
808 / 1000
950 / 1000
890 / 1000
Sprint Martial Arts Combine Sword First-Aid Battling Healing
999 / 1000
609 / 1000
950 / 1000
Fishing Hiding Searching Dragon Senses
400 / 1000
759 / 1000
988 / 1000
Dragon Excalibur
  • Lightning Flame Dragon Slayer
  • Lightning Flame Dragon Hurricane
  • Lightning Flame Dragon Blade
  • Lightning Flame Dragon Seven Blade Dance

Two Dragon Secret Art: Hidden Lightning Flame Form:

  • Dragon Skills: Exploding Lightning Blade
  • Dragon Skills: Lightning Blade Dance
  • Dragon Skills: Lightning Flame Chidori

Gun Gale Online

Main Equipment:

Project Alicization

Main Equipment:


  • Dragon Slayer
  • Dragon Stream
  • Fire Dragon Slayer
  • Water Dragon Slayer
  • Wind Dragon Slayer
  • Earth Dragon Slayer
  • Element Spikes

Dragon Slayer Secret Art Hidden Element Dragon:

  • Dragon Sword Skill: Exceed Fire Dragon King Slayer

Music Theme



Floyd Power and Souls was from the Dragon

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