Element Info
Romaji Hi
Classification Prime Elements
Race Dracos
Opposed Element Water

Fire is one of the six Prime Elements and a form of Elemental Bending in Endless Utopia Online.



Fire is created by channeling heated Aera and unleashing it in the form of flames. Fire-users can also use nearby flames in their attacks.

To perform any fire technique it is very important to have a good breath control. The fire generated by the player is connected to the oxygen the player breathes. Breathing exercises are extremely important during the first steps of a fire-user. It is also necessary a big amount of oxygen nearby or any other combustible gas near the player. Some gasses may even increase the power of this skills.

When a player wants to learn fire, he generally starts with a lit candle and tries to enlarge it or reduce it.

Naturally, Fire has an offensive nature, which relies mostly on a constant flurry of attacks to overwhelm the opponent before dealing the finishing blow. It basically follows the idea of "the best defense is a good offense". On the other hand, the offensive nature of fire makes fire-users lack basic defensive techniques. Also, a prolonged battle may leave the fire-user tired, and therefore, vulnerable to counterattacks. However, users who have mastered fire are able to sustain attacks for long periods of time.


  • Equator: the power of a fire-user is greater the nearer to the equator.
  • Sun: under the influence of the heat of the Sun, the power of a fire-user increases notably, especially when the Sun is at its zenith.
  • Warm Climate: fire is easier to create in a warm environment with low humidity. A fire-user may increase his power if he or she can draw energy from the heat. The conditions on the battleground can turn the fire-user controller's favor if the weather is hot enough. During Summer, the power of a fire-user can increase dramatically.


  • Nights: the power of the Fire-user is notably weaker during Nights.
  • Precipitations: during rains or snow storms, the creation of fire is notably hindered. Even if the user manages to create fire, the fire will not last for long.
  • Cold Climate: same as during rains or snow storms, cold climates difficult the creation of fire. Extreme colds may even leave the fire-user defenseless.
  • Lack of Oxygen: the lack of combustible gases may leave the fire-user unable to use fire.
  • Solar Eclipse: during a solar eclipse, a fire-user loses part of his powers.

Relationships with other Elements



  • Fire is the only Prime Element that can be both created by the user and manipulated if it lies in the vicinity of the user.
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