Falothaur was a mage-kingdom that existed prior and during The First Void Insurrection.


Falothaur was a small kingdom of scholars, soulmagi and librarians, housing the creative and intelllects of Creation. It represented the knowledge of mankind in various ways, and stood solely for the gathering and archiving of human knowledge. It was protected by numerous covenants of powerful magi, who were lead by an Archmagus at the time.

The kingdom housed the prophet known as the Harbinger for a few centuries, which was the only time in the history of Creation that the prophet exposed itself to mankind. After the First Void Insurrection, the kingdom of Falothaur, as well as the prophet, had vanished, leaving not a single trace of its existance behind. Many have searched for remains of the once brilliant kingdom, yet in vain...

Meloxxramas: The Necropolis

A few select people have found what seems to be the remains of the kingdom of Falothaur, deep within the ground which once housed it. The few that have dared entered the 'necropolis' were met with a swift death, and the ones that did survive told of a 'cold tomb' from which escape was hardly possible. None have discovered its content as of yet...

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