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Fallen Angels
Fallen angels symbol
Guild Info
Name Fallen Angels
Kanji 堕落した天使たち (Daraku shita tenshi-tachi)
Romanji îngerii căzuți
Epithet Siblings of War
VRMMORPGs Sword Art Online
Founder Setsuna
Members 55
Previous Members N/A
Main Focus Clearing Sword Art Online and Eliminating the Brotherhood (SAO)
Base of Operations 9th Floor
Previous Base of Operations N/A
Allies Laughing Coffin
Former Allies None
Status Active

Join me, my siblings in arms! Join me as we purge this world of the ones who so savagely cast us out as sons and daughters of war! Let us rise up once more as one, as a unit unlike any that this world has ever seen!
~ Setsuna to her guild

Fallen Angels is a notorious Player Killing Guild in Sword Art Online. It was founded by Setsuna, a Beta Tester who sought revenge against the other players for casting her out. With this as her mission, Setsuna created this guild for that purpose alone, rounding up players who were cast out by others. They are rivaled by the Brotherhood of the Bloodborne Zone.


Their symbol is that of an angel with fire surrounding him, emblazing his wings with flames. An inferno is in the background, coming out of a fiery pit around a desolate wasteland.


From the beginning of the game, Setsuna was mercilessly bullied and shunned by the other players for being a Beta Tester. Three months following the beginning of the game, players attempted to hang Setsuna for simply being a Beta Tester. Although she escaped with he rlife intact, the experience left her mental psyche permanantly scarred. She harbored a vengance against all players for treating her that way. She amassed an army of players who felt the same way as her, those who were cast out by others for being who they were (or Beta Testers.)

On March 15, 2023, the Fallen Angels, Sword Art Online's first Player Killing Guild, was christened.


Their base of operations are on the 9th floor in an underground catacomb hidden from plain view. The only way to access this base is to input the Guild's passcode.

Known Members

As one of the largest in game guilds in Sword Art Online, there are many members who were divded into ranks by order of Setsuna. The following are the seven highest ranked members of the guild. The ranks are as follows (in descending order).

  • Commander-in-Chief: Setsuna
  • Second-in-Command: Kyuubi
  • General of the Armies: Tidus
  • High General: Kamikaze
  • Lead Colonel: Yuka
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Jecht
  • Infantry Leader: Haru


  • First Player Killing guild in Sword Art Online


  • This was the only guild in Sword Art Online to comprise solely of Beta Testers.
  • This guild is one of the few known guilds to be led by a female player.
  • The rank of General of the Armies is an unofficial six-star General rank within the United States Army. It is only used in wartime. Also, the rank of Sergeant-at-Arms is the name of an officer who is tasked with keeping order within an army.
  • Two of the members, Tidus and Jecht, are named after the Final Fantasy characters of the same name.

Music Themes

Black Veil Brides - Fallen Angels (Lyrics in Description!)

Black Veil Brides - Fallen Angels (Lyrics in Description!)

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