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Evoked Legends Online: Trigger to Paradise
Story Information
Author PercyJacks
Cover Character(s) Maze
Status Started

Evoked Legends Online: Trigger to Paradise is an in-progress Evoked Legends Online-based fanfiction written by PercyJacks. Current story progress is published here.


Himeji Tsukasa was just a normal teenager who liked playing VRMMOs. Nothing had separated him from what would be considered as a "normal" person at the time. However, while playing Evoked Legends Online and going back to his character's apartment, he stumbled across a fight between a girl with cyan-colored hair and a bunch of intimidating gangsters. Wanting to do the right thing, he went over to try and help her, and took a powerful punch in her place, knocking him out completely. When he awoke, he was lying in a completely white room with a headache. Suddenly, a blonde-haired beauty carrying a tea tray filled with blood walked through the door and invited him to join a secret society! What will happen to Tsukasa now?


  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1


  • Maze
  • ???
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Secret Police


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