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Evoked Legends Online: Seven Circles of Hell
Story Information
Author PyroHunter16
Cover Character(s) Kurenai
Status On Hold
Prequel N/A

Evoked Legends Online: Seven Hellish Paths to Heaven is a fanfiction set in Evoked Legends Online written by PyroHunter16. Progress on writing the story has begun, and the chapters will be published individually.


Ichiro Kagari is a cynical young man who enjoys his fair share of video games. He attends a school with a high reputation, but the student population isn't exactly the best. Everywhere he goes, boys are bullying other boys, girls are acting highly provocative, and everything is a mess. Because the school's disciplinary committee will not allow the students to be disrespectful to themselves and the school's reputation, everyone has taken to using VRMMOs to release their pent-up feelings. Evoked Legends Online now has one new Yakuza mob, the Damasu-kai. Any player is free to join, but the majority of its members are comprised of students at Ichiro's school. Taking it upon himself to dismantle this criminal empire, Ichiro dives into ELO and becomes the crimson mercenary named Kurenai. One night, after returning to his in-game place of residence/business office, Kurenai is offered a strange contract. He is to become the field leader of an all-female squadron consisting of seven elite members. Before this, Ichiro walked along a single path all by his lonesome. Now, the seven hellish paths to heaven have been opened.



Sin Squadron


Music Theme

Steins;Gate OP Opening Full「Fatima - Kanako Ito」

Steins;Gate OP Opening Full「Fatima - Kanako Ito」


  • The story is a slight allusion to Dante's Divine Comedy, the Inferno to be precise.
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